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[:RU]Museum tractors[:]

[:RU]Reviewing photos autotravel 2013, I remembered that he had promised to write a separate post about Museum of tractors placed in Istria. That’s about it and will be discussed.

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01. After passing along the Golden Ring of Istria, we went to the coast to the side of Porec. Not far from the village Novo Vas are Baredine Cave and Museum that same tractor.

02. What was a surprise when we learned that the museum closes at 16:00. But the clock was 16:15. By a lucky chance I managed to persuade us to put on half an hour. The main pretext was that we specifically traveled from Rostov that would look at these cute tractor. Not only this, the employee of the museum, we decided to make an individual tour of the museum:)


04. And here we are inside. Besides tractors on the territory of agricultural equipment represented the last century.

05. All equipment in working condition.


07. Amazing mechanisms!

08. These machines worked here in Istria


10. For each exhibit presented a little story with real photographs, the text has been translated into Russian.

11. We now turn to the tractor. The museum opened in 2010 and is currently represented by a collection of more than 50 tractors from different countries.

12. Technology’s 50-60x.




16. This rarity. On the Internet I’ve seen a picture with the whole pipe, the length of six meters.


18. The jewel of the collection is a tractor Fordson F 1923 release. Equipment in perfect condition. «Workhorse» from Ford worked at istrskih nivah until the early 70s.

19. There are also quite a thoroughbred horses:

20. The paint was still dear

21. The German beauties:


23. The Minsk Tractor Works is presented in several copies. MTZ-5 is the first massive Soviet crawler tractor. In the history of the plant produced about 150 000 of them handsome.


25. Immediately recognizable Italian design. The name translates as «small» now it could be called a «trendy».



28. A small tractor with a capital letter — Ferrari.

29. Croatian tractor looks like a cartoon character.


31. A good comparison

32. The American 1924

33. Another hero cartoon

34. For a better safety of the exhibits are covered by something like a nail:


36. After inspecting the equipment we were taken to the Museum of Agriculture. On the way we met a super mimishnuyu cat. As it turned out more than 15 years and it is very fond of.


38. Grind the early twentieth century

39. Secateurs all colors


41. A cool collection of corkscrews. Does anyone have similar items? I turned out to have one of the species.


43. At the exit we were surprised

44. In general, I am a small fan of museums, but in my opinion it deserves your visit. Inspection of the exposition will take no more than an hour, at the same time you can get in the cave next door.

Liked? I need your opinion about what I do and what I write. Your comment — best estimate of my work. Let’s talk more![:]

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