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[:RU]How to collect the 70-meter high Ferris wheel[:]

[:RU]In late August, in the port of Malaga (Spain) were completed to assemble a huge Ferris wheel. Mirador Princess Ferris wheel is 70 meters high, weighs 600 tons and has 42 cabins with air conditioning, each of which can accommodate eight people. Mirador Princess — the largest mobile Ferris wheel in Europe, for its assembly requires 25 workers, two weeks of work and a 300-ton crane. The wheel can ride around a thousand people per hour, visibility from the wheel in good weather up to 30 kilometers.

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Assembling the wheel in the photos. At first site to install the wheels have cleared.

Then began the device bored piles under the base of the wheel, in order to strengthen the ground.

Machine for drilling.

Concrete pump filling solution drilled well. After solidification of the solution will become a pillar of the pile.

Preparatory works are completed, the base frame is going to start and supply details of the support structure of the wheel.

Start assembling the support structure.


Start assembling the wheel.

The second week of work. On Monday morning we docked to the bottom pivot bearings braces.

By Monday evening were already bracing themselves.

On Tuesday morning, all supports were simultaneously pushed, the wheel is lifted at the design position and fixed.

Inside the wheel supports are hydraulic cylinders, and bases of support — hydraulic connectors, through which high-pressure hoses to be connected to the lifting hydroelectric.

Then began assembling the outer contour of the wheel.

Tuesday evening.

And mid-day Wednesday.

On Thursday morning at the wheel drives installed, only 4 of the motor assembly 4 each.

By the evening we started to bring up the booth.

On Friday morning, booths were finishing hang.

Collected guard the entrance to the wheel and landing sites.

By Friday afternoon the wheel has already acquired a finished look.

And most importantly — brought cash!

At the beginning of the third week of the wheel opened. Wheel of knows how beautiful lights in the dark, because in cabins are air-conditioned and around the wheel is a tricky system of current collectors and contact rings on which power is supplied to the booth for kondeya and find the power to illuminate difficult.

Will Malaga — come ride, the wheel will be at the port on the plan until April 2016, and then it must be disassembled and taken away to a new place.

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