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[:RU]Soviet waterfowl cars[:]

[:RU]A brief history of amphibians, made ​​in the USSR.
In the middle of the last century amphibious vehicles were some of those things together, such as spaceships, which formed the image of the people of the future. Although the widespread use of outside military missions waterfowl cars eventually did not find they represent a very interesting phenomenon. We offer you a brief history of the Soviet amphibians.

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GAZ-46 «MAP»

«MAP» stands Small Car natatorial. This equipped with four-cylinder engine from the «Victory» and the transmission and suspension from GAZ-69 car started to produce in 1953. By water GAZ-46 moved by a propeller. Appointment quite standard: the crossing of the paratroopers, engineering works on water and other military missions. The model has been copied from the American Ford GPA and lasted until 1958.

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ZIS-485 «BAS»

«BAS» as you probably guessed it — it’s a big car natatorial. ZIS-485 could carry 25 people or 25 tons of cargo, including even cars and artillery, and the model was copied from another American amphibians — GMC DUKW-353. Released in 1950, «BAS» lived in series production for 12 years.

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This all-wheel motorized cart was created by order of the Airborne Forces to evacuate the wounded from the battle and became the prototype for the legendary Soviet rover LuAZ-969 «Volyn.» Dimensions have LuAZ as capacity, it was very small. Engine capacity not exceeding one liter, and the movement he wheel drive. When a specific need to manage amphibian could in a half state.

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The predecessor of this model amphibious US-011 as the GAZ-46, was copied from the American Ford GPA. In US-055 was more streamlined metal housing, 41-hp engine from the «Moskvich-410» and the rear propeller. As a result, amphibious even when fully loaded and a half tons of water at speeds up to 12 kilometers per hour. Over the modification of US-055V has worked founder of the legendary passenger «Rocket» Rostislav Alekseev — in the end model hydrofoil 40 seconds after launch overclocked up to 55 kilometers per hour.

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Its amphibian is, has been and VAZ — its Togliatti commissioned by the Ministry of Defence of the USSR was constructed in 1976 on the basis of «Niva». From other Soviet amphibian waterfowl «Niva» it is notable for the fact that just the same on the amphibian, she was almost similar. However, it is equipped with 1.6-liter engine car could move through the water at a speed of 5 kilometers per hour. However, conveyor Tolyatti amphibious never saw.[:]

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