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[:RU]Where is the best place better city?[:]

[:RU]Today I’ll show you the best place best city in Africa, Cape Town. How did you know at the first photo, is a slum! Generally, the error most tourists is that they try not to go off the beaten tourist tracks. People are flying to the other end of the world and what they see? Mediocre museum? Banal monuments? Fortress? Guides poured their dates, names that people will forget in an hour. What remains after the trip? Photos from the bug and the self against the sea? And why bother to go? Where are your impressions? Where’s the adventure? That after the trip you will tell your children? It is better to have robbed in the slums, poison at an outdoor cafe, but hlebnete real life.

terraoko-201508242 (2)

01. Slum Beautiful! Well, as the slums, I would call it a residential area in Cape Town and it’s called township, on the outskirts of urban areas where historically settled in the time of apartheid black. For obvious reasons, there is now dominated by poverty and crime.

02. Cozy streets …

03. It is home to wonderful people, musicians, artists, gangsters, thugs …

04. Common house in a slum looks like.

05. there is no road.

06. The toilets in the street

07. Local near the club.

08. The usual teen bedroom.

09. The interior of the master bedroom.

10. Living

11. Entertainment of kids on the street.

12. Wash

13. In some places, build comfortable huts.

14. Such home-made hostel there for the workers. Now families live here.


16. Prepare directly in the street.

17. Generally made from offal and meat residues. On the good meat no money. It is fried pork fat.

18. And here are preparing lamb stomachs.

19. Sosisochki.

20. Prostitutes. In the evening they go to the bars of hotels to search for clients. Oral slum costs 150 rubles, sex with a scruffy young lady 750 rubles. The probability of contracting AIDS is extremely high.


22. Yards

23. There are emerging street gangs


25. Children go to a gang of 12-13 years. Of the 14 million firearms in South Africa registered only 4!

26. The kitchen in the hostel

27. Living room.

28. Games


30. From entertainment — bars. South African bars are as follows:

31. Here, sit vegetables and pumped beer. The elite bottled beer. He can afford one.

32. The majority of the drinking homemade beer. Cook it right here, in the courtyard bar.

33. That in these buckets.

34. It turns out a bucket of foam. The taste resembles a brew.

35. It is passed around until everyone is drunk in the shit.

36. The bar tusyat children.

37. Disco looks. As a sign of welcome women and men show each other languages.

38. Meet at the disco.


40. Local learning to dance, then will entertain tourists in the city.

It looks great!





45. Albino


47. Shack girls. They say that a student …

48. Mom

49. Shop


51. Wealthy home.

52. Recently, part of the demolished shacks and put here such containers. It is believed that was better.

53. There is a very rich home.

54. In one of these houses lives Jury. He treats me with flagons.

55. Living

56. Hostess cooked dinner.


58. By the way, in the slums of a lot of expensive cars. For the local machine — an indicator of status. All the money will be spent on an expensive car, but the owner can live in the old rotten house.

59. We are waiting for the tourists!

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