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[:RU]The most romantic restaurant in the world[:]

[:RU]Bring here the girl and success is guaranteed …
Who can stand before the dinner in a restaurant on a deserted island?
Do not even on the island, but on a tiny rock, which is washed by the Indian Ocean and in the adobe house is nestled under a thatched roof.
There are only 14 tables and to celebrate For example, the New Year, have to book a place not later than 9-10 months.
The location is just freaky …

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2. The restaurant is called The Rock and safely be called one of the most famous and popular places on the island of Zanzibar.
The Rock is located on the eastern coast of the island, near the beach Pingve (on the map it is designated as Michanwi Pingwe)
The Rock, Zanzibar

3. From the shore restaurant does not look very big, but it is misleading. The room is quite spacious there, in addition to the opposite side there is an open terrace
The Rock, Zanzibar

4. a person who has not heard of this place before, rock-restaurant is able to make an unforgettable impression. If you want to surprise a girl, do not tell in advance about its features, and before you bring it here, please read the schedule of the tides. And bring the girl during low tide.
At this time, it can be easy to go on a stony beach. Rise up, make a reservation and enjoy the colors of the Indian Ocean
The Rock, Zanzibar

5. Within the premises are located refectory tables on the terrace lounge area overlooking the ocean
The Rock, Zanzibar

6. Sitting on the terrace or indoors, you do not see what is happening inside.
Remember the schedule of the tides? Again, we turn to him and finish your lunch or dinner during the phase at high tide. Believe me, your companion will be amazed and shocked by what he saw when you get from the restaurant to the stairs to go down.
As long as you enjoy fine dining and views. The restaurant has become a very lonely island-rock, from which the shore a few tens of meters
The Rock, Zanzibar

7. Nothing wrong with that, the depth of these small places. In extreme phase of the tide, of course, you can soak the clothes, if you go to the beach alone. You can use the boat in which any one of the locals are always happy for a dollar or two will carry you to shore
The Rock, Zanzibar

8. Now from the shore restaurant looks like a completely different …
The Rock, Zanzibar

9. Yes, likely have an in mind the schedule of the tides on different days, even the neighbor, may be very different about the time because it does not depend on the duration of a calendar day and the phases of the moon … \
The Rock, Zanzibar

The price tag is a bit higher than other restaurants of Zanzibar, about 1.5 times. In addition to eating food and beer, and spirits, and pretty good cocktails.

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