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[:RU]How to make coconut milk[:]

[:RU]From all I’ve seen this production processes different from the rest of its extreme simplicity. It’s not the same thing as to extract milk from the cow, or other mammal, it is quite another, but let’s see with their own eyes the entire process of production of coconut milk in Phuket.
Today, a report on how to make coconut milk.

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In Phuket, the famous Thai resort I came hoping to find interesting stories to «how to do», but in the process of finding and filming ran into some problems. The first problem — in these resort areas are very few places where you can make the manufacturing report, because the resort is designed for reception and service of tourists. There is no industrial production, except for the production of souvenir shops. The second problem — the difficulties of translation. Despite the fact that I know English at a conversational level of Thais who know the language is not so much, as if to drive off from the tourist places, they become even less because it is difficult to understand some of the details in the production of anything, if you still find the story.

This was the case at this time. I walked myself on Rawai (Phuket area) and saw in one of the courtyards of local manufacturing coconuts. I could not pass up and decided to see what they do. There is a problem number two — no one understood Inglish. But despite that no one reacted badly to the fact that I took the camera down and began to take off.

It turned out that this court make coconut milk. To do this, you must first remove the rind from the nut, and then split it into two halves. Then a special machine to scrape the flesh.

No security technology here you will not see, despite the fact that the machine is dangerous. Because I am not surprised that the guy in the photo above there are no two phalanges on the index finger of his left hand.

Half nut scraping about half a minute. The principle of operation of the apparatus is similar to the juicer.

Orekhov here enough, because a lot of work.

In a particularly scrupulous readers to sanitary standards (and the «how to do» enough of them), a reasonable question, but I do not see any reason to answer them, because the pictures speak for themselves.

They simply do not have rules.

Scraped halves thrown to the side, probably just throw them in the trash. But who knows, maybe make souvenirs.

Woman fulfilled its norm for coconut, it replaces the husband, I think so.

Basin with chips replaced with a new, and that flesh that is filled with scraped a small canvas bag. Pre-weighed.

The bag is placed in a bucket and the water is poured into it

Then a bag of water placed in an apparatus for squeezing coconut milk. Yes, that’s what he called

Close the door and press the «on» and pull the lever begins!

Easier to nowhere.

If necessary, if the operator kokosovyzhimatelnogo unit believes that a little milk in a bucket, add water to the bag with coconut.

When the milk is squeezed out, and goes to the funnel …

Milk poured into the can not, as we used to, and in the package! Moreover, in the local market and in many places you can see the soups, sauces and other food was in the packages.

After that very deft movements package tied rezinochkoy, it takes 5 seconds, can not understand how they get it.

Then again follows the same process as before — milk topping and squeezing press.

A man meanwhile produces coconut.

Came a new batch of fresh coconut, repeat all over again.

Once enough of the chips squeezed milk, it is poured into the bag.

What to do I do not know the difficulties of translation. Maybe go to the stuffing, «bounty», um, heavenly delight!

By the way, if you need coconut milk in Phuket, keep contacts. As stated in Wikipedia, coconut milk is used as a component for preparation of various dishes of Oriental cuisine. The fat content of coconut milk on average is 27%, carbohydrate — 6%, protein — 4%. In addition, milk contains vitamins B1, B2, B3 and C. In Malaysia, Brunei and Indonesia coconut milk usually called Santana, and the Philippines — Gata.

Coconut milk will vary according to the degree of density (the most dense even called coconut cream). Thicker varieties are commonly used for desserts and fatty sauces, less dense — in soups, as well as dishes.

All the time that I shot, was sitting near any grandmother. When the milk is squeezed out, she wore a motorcycle helmet, gave money to a woman pick up a package of milk and drove off on his scooter.

And the work continued.

Now you know how to make coconut milk.

And coconuts grow here almost every step, drink fresh juice / coconut water costs only 50 baht (about 100R.), But I did not like too sugary.

Liked? I need your opinion about what I do and what I write. Your comment — best estimate of my work. Let’s talk more![:]

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