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[:RU]Georgian police station[:]

[:RU]Honestly, when I flew to Georgia and I did not mean to, I’ll write a post about the police station.
I thought football, some attractions, kitchen and so that anything unusual.
But in the end turned out to be unusual as the once a police station. Why?
In this country, all of them … transparent. In the truest sense of the word. Outside is a glass wall in the inside — openspeysy and glass partitions.
And for the sake of this idea in the country have completely redesigned the existing facilities for the police if it was possible, and built many new ones. New, of course, often look very futuristic, downright police of the future.

terraoko-201508177 (2)

2. The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia. Even his transparent and made ​​some space.
What started all this?
Remember the years 2003-2004, when the Georgian police broke up the whole, took up new and declared all-out fight against corruption? Transparent police agencies were one of the elements of the anti-corruption doctrine.
The idea is that the glass walls and open working space Opened symbolize transparency and make more difficult the process of bribery, interrogations using illegal methods, etc.

3. 10 years ago, Georgia was one of the most korrupmirovannyh countries where no bribes not solved anything. Here the word «bribe» a huge number of aliases, one of which «kickback» refers to a gift of one man to another, ie, a perfectly normal everyday phenomenon. And this was just a natural national trait.
Everything changed after the «Rose Revolution» in 2003, after which Saakashvili declared a policy of complete destruction of corruption.
I must say that the Georgians managed to do the impossible. Sami people say that corruption was at times less, and at the grassroots level, it has practically disappeared altogether.
However, judging by the well-known scandals at the highest level is not so «transparent», as in these areas
Police station in Georgia

4. This is the first police station in the capital of Georgia Mtskheta.
Police station in Georgia

5. In the past year, Georgia has bought in the US special police car Ford Interceptor, created, equipped with the necessary equipment. Today, they work Patrol.
Police station in Georgia

6. I Went into the area, but unfortunately, there are pictures of me were not allowed, as I did not ask and did not persuade, so I have to convey in words what he saw.
Upon entering the reception instead of our duty room behind the glass. There are no turnstiles, records the passport data of visitors or framework. Right from the reception you can see most of the premises and workplaces officers. To receive an electronic queue of visitors there. The interior in the area is no worse than in a modern hotel …
Police station in Georgia

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