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[:RU]Who are they — the Princess of the XXI century? Five princesses who will ascend to the throne, and five of the world’s most beautiful princesses in our review.

In today’s world there are three dozen monarchies. Whatever was named head of state: King, Duke, Prince Sultan, the Emperor — his daughter or granddaughter is automatically a princess. One lucky young ladies, and they shall inherit the throne, others were pushed back from the Crown more direct contenders. We decided to ask about their lives and know what it is — to be a princess in the XXI century?

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Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden, 38 years old

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Victoria, the eldest daughter of Swedish King Carl XVI Gustaf, Crown Princess began two and a half years, leaving with a nose younger brother Carl Philip. Then, in 1980, Sweden changed the principle of inheritance from a purely male right to the throne for the right of primogeniture. Victoria — woman, educated and multi-faceted: time to learn in France and the United States, was an intern at the Swedish Embassy in Washington and the United Nations, at the offices of the Swedish Trade Organisation in Berlin and Paris, and even serve in the army.

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No origin did not give privileges princess military service, and Victoria for three months lived in the barracks, marched and ran with a gun at the ready. Knowing firsthand the problems of dyslexia and anorexia, she lectured on the subject. She also worked in the field of political science and the diplomatic service.

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From a personal life princess long time no luck, and it hurt to get married younger sister Madeleine beauty: according to the law she should wait until the elder sister find a husband. Groom Crown Princess must approve the government and the King of Sweden, or lose the right heir to the throne. About seven years Victoria met with her personal fitness trainer Daniel Westling. And only in 2009, a marriage license was obtained and soon the wedding. Now their family grows another Princess Estelle Silvia Eva Mary.

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Responsibilities Princess: acts as regent when the king is busy. This official visits, presentation of the Swedish royal family and at public events. Victoria is involved in international peacekeeping operations and supports people with disabilities.

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Crown Princess Elizabeth of Belgium, 13 years old

In the near future, Europe will be ruled by the majority of the queen, they are growing in several royal families. One of them — Elizabeth Theresa Maria Elena Belgium, Duchess of Brabant, the eldest daughter of King Philip of Belgium, the granddaughter of King Albert II and pretender to the throne (for ten years before she was born in Belgium changed the law of succession to the throne in favor of the birthright, regardless of gender firstborn ). The girl had known from childhood that will be the first Belgian queen. Two younger brothers Gabriel and Emmanuel s not competitors, not to mention his sister Eleanor.

Responsibilities Princess: study hard and stay away from journalists. Elizabeth trained in Brussels in Dutch, which is an innovation for the future kings of Belgium. Princess also speaks French and German, takes dance lessons and occasionally accompany parents to the official ceremonies such as the opening of the Arctic station and Children’s Hospital, named in her honor. The first public speech, Elizabeth said the age of ten.

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Princess Catharina-Amalia of the Netherlands, 11 years old

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The family of the King of the Netherlands grow three daughters: Catharine Amalie eleven, ten-year and eight-year old Alexis Ariana. But the older bears the title Princess of Orange, put the direct heir to the throne. Princess became a candidate №1 to the throne only in 2013, when her grandmother Queen Beatrix (praprapravnuchka Russian Emperor Paul I, by the way) voluntarily abdicated the throne, and gave his son, the father of Catharina-Amalia. Before him since 1890 in the Netherlands ruled one queen.

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Responsibilities princess from four years studying in ordinary public school Bloemcampschool. Attend sports events, royal weddings, posing with her ​​sisters and parents for family photo sessions.

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Norway’s Princess Ingrid Alexandra, 11 years old

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In contrast to the Netherlands, where the Queen ruled the whole XX century, women in Norway on the throne was no more than six centuries. Only in 1990 the constitution was amended to that throne can inherit not only the son, but a daughter of the monarch. As a result, the chance to become the queen to provide current granddaughter of King Harald V Ingrid Alexandra, but it will happen no earlier than on the throne will visit her father — Crown Prince Haakon. However, Princess hurry: she 11 years old, she is studying in a private school Oslo International School. The courses are taught mainly in English, plus a few hours Norwegian a week. The first four classes of Ingrid went to a regular school far from home, and its transition to the elite institution sparked disapproval in Norwegian society, which is costly maintenance of the royal family. Together with Ingrid learn her brothers: Jr. — Prince Sverre Magnus and Marius senior Heubach, who is a native son of Crown Prince Haakon and therefore can not claim the crown for any scenario. A curious detail: the mother of Princess Ingrid previously worked as a waitress and met her future husband at a rock festival.

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Responsibilities Princess: May 17 every year the Princess, together with other members of the royal family welcomed the demonstrators from the balcony of the Royal Palace. She also participates in the annual winter festival in Holmenkollen ski is in the children’s organization for environmental protection Miljøagentene («Ekoagenty»), is engaged in the preparation and holding of birthdays parents and Christmas concert in the palace.

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Spain’s Princess Leonor, 9 years

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Infanta Leonor de Todos los Santos de Borbón Ortiz and Spanish — the name is too long for the nine-year girl. Leonor, eldest daughter of the King of Spain Philip VI, in his less than ten bears several titles: Princess of Asturias, Zhironskaya, Vianskaya, Duchess of Mont Blanc, and Senora Countess Serverskaya Balaguer. She has a sister Sofia is the weather, and all the photo shoots they look like twins. Leonor went to kindergarten for the children of the Spanish Royal Guard, now studying at the school of «Santa Maria de los Rosales» near Madrid. Despite her young age, she is a style icon: children from around the world take off her example in the choice of clothes, and has recently been released in Spain, doll-like Leonor, with a copy of the princess’s wardrobe.

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Responsibilities Princess: to attend the national holidays in Spain, accompanied by their parents at some official event to happen on Sunday Mass.

5 most beautiful princesses of the world  

The world is home to many princesses that will never be queens, but still loved by the press and the public. They have links with the royal families appear at official ceremonies, flash in the tabloids. Their duty — to set an example for others to follow in all walks of life, whether it is fashion, charity, education and behavior. These girls can not rely on the throne, but the right to claim the hearts of kings and princes of other states.

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Princess Maria of Liechtenstein Carolina 18

The only daughter of Crown Prince Alois of Liechtenstein. It can not claim to the throne, not only because she was born the second of four children of Prince, but also because in Liechtenstein heirs to the throne are only men. About the princess, little is known, and it rarely gets into the lens of the paparazzi.


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Princess of Monaco Charlotte Casiraghi Pomelin Marie, 28 years old

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Eighth pretender to the throne of Monaco. She studied in France and worked as a journalist, enjoys horseback riding, but the main reason for fame — her famous grandmother, Hollywood actress Grace Kelly.

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Princess Alexandra of Luxembourg, Josephine Marie Therese Charlotte, 24 years old

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The only daughter of Grand Duke Henri of Luxembourg is fifth in line to the throne after his father and three older brothers. Also carries the title of Princess of Nassau and Princess of Bourbon-Parma. He speaks five languages: Luxembourgish, French, English, German and Spanish. To participate in Grand Ducal family, attends national holidays or family meeting. In honor of its 18th anniversary it was launched a special sort of rose.

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Princess Beatrice of Great Britain Elizabeth Mary of York, 26 years old

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The granddaughter of Queen Elizabeth II, daughter of her son Prince Andrew. He is seventh in line of succession to the throne of Great Britain and the Commonwealth. Beatrice a child suffering from dyslexia and mastered reading difficulty due to the Harry Potter books. In 19 years, the Princess worked as a salesgirl in a London department store Selfridges — all members of the British family must have work experience.

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At university she specialized in fashion and design, in 2009, starred in «The Young Victoria» in the role of the maid of honor. Six months ago, thanks to hackers, it became known that the princess is in the film industry associate producer and receives a modest salary — £ 19,500 a year. Beatrice officially relieved of any royal duties, as well as her younger sister Eugenia.

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Thai Princess Sirivannavari Nariratana, 28 years old

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Fashion designer, socialite. The granddaughter of the now ruling the ninth King of Thailand Bhumibol Adulyadej. Collections under the brand «Princess Sirivannavari» now sold in Bangkok, Paris, Milan and New York. Her fortune is estimated at $ 35 billion.

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