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[:RU]The world’s largest urban cable car system[:]

[:RU]The city of La Paz in Bolivia long struggled with the problems of transport. Steep terrain, high-density development turned the movement through the narrow streets into a nightmare for drivers and passengers of minibuses and private taxis.

To solve the problem, in the past two years, the government is building the world’s largest system of urban cableways. Currently, the city of La Paz has three urban cable car lines stretching over 10 kilometers.


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1. La Paz — the actual capital of the country (from 1898), as well as the administrative center of the department of La Paz. (Photo by David Mercado | Reuters):

2. Launched cableway immediately acquired the status of the highest cable car in the world. (Photo: Martin Mejia):

3. Soon there will be six new lines, the length of 30 kilometers and a capacity of up to 27,000 passengers per hour. (Photo: Juan Karita):

4. La Paz is situated on the banks of the river of the same name at an altitude of 3600 meters above sea level. (Photo: Jorge Bernal):

5. Interesting facts: water in La Paz boils at 88 ° C, while the central bus station of La Paz was designed by Gustave Eiffel, the tower proektirovschikomEyfelevoy. (Photo by David Mercado | Reuters):

6. Due to the mountain location of the city, the climate in La Paz cool. The average temperature of the warmest month (November) is about +10 ° C, the coldest (July) — about +4 ° C. (Photo by David Mercado | Reuters):

7. The old neighborhoods with traditional two-story houses retain the traditional rectangular grid of streets of the colonial time. (Photo: Jorge Bernal):

8. City of La Paz in Bolivia and the highest cable car in the world, 10 October 2014. (Photo by Martin Mejia):

9. Type of the cable car in the city of La Paz on July 23, 2015. (Photo by David Mercado | Reuters):

10. «urban bus», which in fact is the cable car, you can observe the life of the roof and Bolivians. (Photo by David Mercado | Reuters):

11. (Photo by Jorge Bernal):

12. A quarter of the city of La Paz and the cableway above them on July 23, 2015. (Photo by David Mercado | Reuters):

13. (Photo by Martin Mejia):

14. (FotoDavid Mercado | Reuters):

15. The highest cable car in the world. (Photo: Juan Karita):

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