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[:RU]Yemen — desert country located at the southern tip of the Arabian Peninsula, it is bordered by the Red Sea and the Bab el Mandeb Strait in the west. In the north it borders with Saudi Arabia and Oman in the east. Except for the coastal plains to the west, Yemen is a landscape of mountain scenery with high and dry mountains with jagged peaks and plateaus. On the territory of Yemen has no permanent rivers, but the mountainous regions interspersed with a few seasonal river valleys, called «Wadi» that remain dry in the winter months.

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Most notable among them are the Wadi Hadhramaut and Wadi Dawan, in the eastern and central parts of Yemen.

And in the photo you see Hyde Al Dzhazil — village, which is built entirely on a boulder.

Photo 2.
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Wadi Hadramaut is a narrow arid coastal plain bounded by steep scarp vast plateau. The northern edge of Hadhramaut down to a vast, dry desert of Rub ‘al Khali. At the top of the Wadi Hadramaut are alluvial soils and flood waters, while the lower part is infertile, and largely uninhabited.


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In Hadramaut people live in densely populated cities and villages,  has traditionally focused on irrigated land along the Wadi. Buildings clinging to the slope or stand on a plateau at an altitude of 100 or 200 meters above the valley. Many of them hang over the cliffs. The houses are built of mud brick with a wooden floor and climb several floors in height. These adobe buildings must be constantly repaired, especially after the summer rains.


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The Wadi Hadhramaut is the most famous city of Shibam, which is also called «the Manhattan of the desert» because of its unusually tall buildings, sharply rising over the desert plateau. This small town, home to 7,000 residents and is located about 500 mud houses, consisting of 5 and 11 storey buildings, reaching 100 meters in height. They are built entirely of mud brick.


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Architectural Heritage Wadi Dawan today overshadows Hadramaut since its towns and villages are much better preserved in the past two decades.

Yemen, one of the oldest areas of human civilization, but remains one of the poorest Arab countries. In recent decades it has become a hot zone for terrorist groups, which makes travel to this beautiful country with a significant risk to life.


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Gingerbread Castle Dar al-Hajar

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