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[:RU]How to quickly and inexpensively build a house[:]

[:RU]You have thirty, and you live with your parents? You have a son, and he needed a separate room? They came to visit, and you have nowhere to place them?
To hell with mortgages, exchanges treshki parents, there is a way easier. Today I’ll show you how with stones, sticks and shit for three days to build a real home where you can live a hundred years.

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In the north, Azerbaijan has a wonderful village Khinalig. It is remarkable for its location in the mountains at an altitude of 2200 meters above sea level, the relative inaccessibility, great people and interesting houses. About people I have to tell, and today about a house.
Azerbaijan, Khinalig, Xinaliq,

As you know, in the mountains at a height from the building material is no problem. Stones circle here, in the village of a large herd of sheep, horses and donkeys have — manure can be acquired. On the tree, of course, napryazhenka. We have to go below and extract timber there.
Azerbaijan, Khinalig, Xinaliq,

Well, my dear, Sydney sit? Take a bucket, trowel and work!
Azerbaijan, Khinalig, Xinaliq,

The cattle in places that is all. Vehicles, milk, meat, skins for clothing and footwear, manure. In such places, virtually waste-free production. In summer, the cattle all day is grazing, and winter at night or live in unpretentious barns. Or sheep pens, as you prefer to call. Because there is called a completely different word.
Azerbaijan, Khinalig, Xinaliq,

During the life of a beast eats and shits. Style life they are. Of course, who can give the milk, but a minority.
So. Wastes it does not waste. They contain carefully milled fiber herbs that are a great link for clay. We dollop of old cow added to the clay-walled cottages in the construction and finishing works. Here is the same song, but also clay napryazhenka. Therefore, the pure product directly on the walls of mold and dried in the sun. What will not go into construction, it will be used as fuel for heating in winter.
Just answer the question. No, no stench in the village, live a normal smell.

Azerbaijan, Khinalig, Xinaliq,

This team men make bricks. There has to be subtle humor about «putting a brick,» but I will refrain from the joke. Again, just make the bricks around the progressive world. Within the framework of stuffed clay or whatever is at hand, the frame is removed, and the resulting bricks dried in the sun. Theoretically, it should still be fired in the fire, but not at this time.
Azerbaijan, Khinalig, Xinaliq,

While dried bricks, dig the toilet. It consists of a separate room and is the same as everywhere else. A large hole in the ground, on top emzho. Here again, a little harder, because the land is not and you have to make an ordinary pick hole in the rock. Fortunately, it is fairly soft. In most cases, the toilet is just a few houses.
Azerbaijan, Khinalig, Xinaliq,

That this house started to build yesterday. The walls are built of flat stones, then they complete. As a binding element using all the same manure to the ground.
Azerbaijan, Khinalig, Xinaliq,

This is not a construction waste, a building material!
Azerbaijan, Khinalig, Xinaliq,

And here is our bricks. They are placed around the perimeter at the top of the wall near the rafters. I do not know why. Maybe for insulation may be to align the level.
Azerbaijan, Khinalig, Xinaliq,

As you can see, a bar on the roof timbers and planks on the roof were purchased. This is done most of the time savings, the same things can be made ​​from wood neraspuschennogo simply would require laborious adjustment.
Azerbaijan, Khinalig, Xinaliq,

While men make roof battens, women and children on a nearby rooftop staged a tea party. Tea is not only a drink, that’s life. Everything revolves around him. Guests are greeted with tea, issues are resolved over tea. Samovary in every home and not one.
Azerbaijan, Khinalig, Xinaliq,

«Today finish?»
«No, tomorrow!»
Tomorrow they expect to finish the roof and begin decorating.

Azerbaijan, Khinalig, Xinaliq,

A good hardworking woman at home was a gift. And in the village of perhaps even a necessity. While the men rest and poison bikes, women take off the straw into the house. She will go to the wall and floor insulation.
Azerbaijan, Khinalig, Xinaliq,

Rarely does the similarity of the fence. Then, as the gate used any flat object.
Azerbaijan, Khinalig, Xinaliq,

In most cases the house is a small patio for birds and cattle.
Azerbaijan, Khinalig, Xinaliq,

And often nothing there and the house with a barn standing on the street without any barriers.
Azerbaijan, Khinalig, Xinaliq,

It remains to nothing at all. Necessarily it is necessary to lay down their center and withdraw the tube. Pipes made ​​from readily available materials, even from cans and buckets without bottom.
Azerbaijan, Khinalig, Xinaliq,

And bring water to the «Antalya». With water there is no problem, the village has a spring.
Azerbaijan, Khinalig, Xinaliq,

That’s it, you can begin to settle in a new home, raise children, make cattle.
Azerbaijan, Khinalig, Xinaliq,

Inside, not rich, but very clean and tidy.
Azerbaijan, Khinalig, Xinaliq,

And of course, the main decoration of the house is far from the TV, and home. 

Azerbaijan, Khinalig, Xinaliq,

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