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[:RU]Butchers on the roads of Azerbaijan[:]

[:RU]This post is especially for all those reproaches of non-publication of some photos which, they say, too cruel.
Here he sees everyone from young to old, who goes on Azerbaijani roads. Dozens of dark-haired guys with axes in their hands look askance at the passing cars, hoping that some kind of stop is about them …
So, after passing a couple of hundred kilometers on local routes to remote mountain villages, the picture with skinning the kid does not look like such a rigid or amazing …

terraoko-2015071655 (6)

2. used to see in Russia along the path sells fruit and vegetables?
Will Azerbaijan, get used to the different picture — hanging along the road dozens of mutton, goat or cow carcasses. Slaughter animals and cut up, they are often right there …
Road butchers in Azerbaijan

3. That’s just the butcher remove the skin from one of sheep’s carcass. And you say, inappropriate photos …
It’s just a few dozen kilometers from Baku to the north …
Road butchers in Azerbaijan

4. butchered carcasses wrapped with gauze to protect the meat from flies.
Bored butchers, sellers are waiting for the client.
Road butchers in Azerbaijan

5. Fresh cow on the road. No one is going through, how it looks from a window of the car.
Pay attention to a flock of sheep in the background. If need be, all made ​​right in front of you, will only choose a favorite lamb
Road butchers in Azerbaijan

Road butchers in Azerbaijan

7. And this is the most controversial story.
The guys, mountaineers, harmless to skin the goat. Away from the road, from prying eyes. So in this case it really is harmless.
Road butchers in Azerbaijan

8. By the way, everything is done just hands, even without the knife.
Road butchers in Azerbaijan

9. It is just learning, it is so cleverly still does not work …
Road butchers in Azerbaijan

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