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[:RU]How does the metro Rio de Janeiro.[:]

[:RU]Subway in Rio de Janeiro, working since 1979, the length of lines is 48 km, the number of stations is 35. In 1998, the state granted the concession company Consórcio Opportrans (Metrô Rio), which is responsible for operations with lines and stations; the state government is responsible for the expansion and creation of new subway lines by the company «Rio Trilhos». Metro Rio — the second largest metro network in Brazil, every day carrying around 1.1 million passengers. There are stations both underground and surface.

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The following year, Rio de Janeiro will XXXI Summer Olympic Games.

Metrô Rio - Estação Cantagalo

Such a huge event has become a powerful impetus to the development of the city. There are built not only numerous sports facilities, but also to transport infrastructure.

Construção da ponte estaiada da Linha 4 do Metrô

So, essentially grow underground Brazilian metropolis. As part of the transport development should appear several new stations to the existing two branches of the metro, as well as new, the fourth branch. Ask: Why is omitted line number 3? Let me explain: a 3 metro line in Rio is meant Line Metrobus (BRT), serving the southern part of the city. In the future, this route will be replaced by a new subway line.

The blue line (which is the same color will be a new subway line in the diagram) will connect neighborhoods of Barra da Tijuca to the west of the city with the prestigious Iponema district, famous for its beaches and is located in the south of Rio de Janeiro. Every day, a new metro line will benefit up to 300 thousand passengers.

Estação São Conrado :: Foto: Katarine Almeida

It is expected that with the introduction of a new line of daily use of the car will refuse to 2,000.

Canteiro Antero de Quental :: Foto: FVD Studio

The line will consist of 6 stations (Jardim Oceânico, São Conrado, Gávea, Antero de Quental, Jardim de Alah and Nossa Senhora da Paz). The total length of the line will be 16 kilometers.

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Metro Line 4 will start in the first half of 2016 after passing the test phase. During the Olympics, the line will be the link between the Olympic Village and Stadium, in Copacabana.

Escavação mecânica em frente ao T4, na estação São Conrado :: Foto: Katarine Almeida

In 2009, the Government of Rio de Janeiro signed a contract with CNR Corporation Ltd for the purchase of Chinese-made trains. The first 12 of the 15 trains are already being tested on the lines of the Rio Metro.

Primeiro trem da Linha 4 é apresentado pelo Governo do Estado e pelo Metrô Rio ::: Foto: André Gomes de Melo / Governo do Rio

We are waiting for the opening of the Summer Olympic Games 2016 in Rio de Janeiro!

Alunos do Projeto Pescar participam de visita guiada às obras da Linha 4

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