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[:RU]How to create your own style, if your figure — inverted triangle …[:]

[:RU]The figure of «inverted triangle» is characterized by broad shoulders and narrow hips. Waist thus usually not very pronounced (difference between the waist and hips a little), but variants are possible.
Most holders of this type of figure are the «top» larger than the «bottom». The breast may be L, while in the hips S, and this is not surprising.
The inverted triangle — a very trim figure peculiar athletes, as many models and celebrities are the owners of broad shoulders and narrow hips (and bargain slender legs). However, to look feminine (wide shoulders and narrow hips, especially in the absence of a pronounced waist still more valued by the male figure than the female), it is important to learn how to balance your upper body to the lower and create smooth curves where they no.

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We’ll look at several famous female owners figure «inverted triangle» and try to figure out how to operate their chosen outfits.

Demi Moore
Demi Forever young — a bright representative of the type in question the figures.
But what else can be a soldier Jane?
It is necessary to pay tribute to Demi — basically it takes shape in favorable light, bad dress was much more difficult to find a good one.

For example, a deep cut (V-shaped or round) + volume in the hips distract attention from the shoulders and well-balanced figure:


Open shoulders, plus the volume in the hips — and the figure is balanced, and the shoulders are fine:


By the way, an important role is played by Demi long hair, they mask width apart and create a vertical line in the upper part of the body.
But what happens when the lower part of the body is not enough volume, and the emphasis shifts to the chest / shoulder:


(1) Collar-clip creates an unnecessary emphasis on the upper part of the body, the hips enough volume, plus a very wide belt demonstrate the absence of the waist.
(2) The horizontal at chest level + emphasis in the form of a ring attract the eye to the shoulders, at the bottom there is scope (though and refers to the drapery, but the fabric is too sluggish and holds its shape), over a wide belt.
(3) forms a horizontal low-cut, but the worst thing is that the top too fitting shape and demonstrates the almost complete lack of difference between the hips and waist.

More ways to extend the shoulders (horizontal, extended line of the shoulders, puffed sleeves):


Anna Kournikova
from tennis last Anna were very athletic shoulders and slender legs.

And what happens in the clothes?
Two dresses with bare shoulders
— too much left to fit and lack of volume in the hips in the best show no bends in the waist area (and yes, thin straps made ​​visually wider shoulders)
— the right of the upper and lower parts of the body counterbalanced by the volume of the skirt.

More dresses:

Grenadier left shoulder sweep with narrow straps dresses, excessive encirclement in the waist and hips.
On the right are all very feminine: the diagonal «one shoulder» pull your upper body, draping at the hips balancing figure.

And here are two options with the same neckline (which usually distracts from the width of the shoulders):

Only here on the left sleeveless shirt with narrow straps and strongly tight pants, resulting in at the hips any amount not as a class, and all of this together makes a huge shoulders.
On the right we see: a vertical zipper, long sleeves and finally Shorts that creates in the lower horizontal portion of the body. The figure is balanced.

«Active» up against the vertical striped blouse, black jacket created:

And it is not in a horizontal strip, which is supposedly complete (about visual illusions associated with slimming horizontal plane, we wrote here).
The bottom line is that if you pay attention to any subject, it seems longer. In the case of prints which means that Printed thing seems more than usually monochromatic. And here it is exacerbated by tight black leggings.
But the right deep narrow V-neck, vertical jacket, long white blouse, drawing attention to the central part of the figure, and shorts — would never guess what is really hip.

And Anne good at distracting maneuver codenamed «I’m Enrique» :)

Angelina Jolie

The two dress in one color:

Only the left hips not balanced with broad shoulders bare, and on the right the opposite: instead of the top horizontal wavy line + diagonal draping at the bottom of the hips, gives volume. Though, most likely, not without a corset at the waist, the figure has acquired feminine curves and shoulders do not seem to be the widest part of it.

Two dresses:

Left: a boat neckline creates a horizontal line at the level of the shoulders (and making them more widely), in conjunction with the narrower skirt below the knee length legs seem painfully thin (one of those cases where thinness is aesthetically correct clothing, but often there is an opinion that skinny girls fits any clothes).
On the right are the same leg, the same shoulders, only the convex line of dresses in the top of the drawn look down on his chest, and straight skirt with drapery creates volume at the hips (and the length of this aesthetically pleasing).
The importance of the correct length, we We wrote at length, particularly in the analysis of the figures «pear plus-size.»

Several variants of the «right» of skirts and dresses:

Here I want to add in the hips a little volume:

And finally, a couple kezhualnyh autfitov:

Left: the combination of loose white blouse with a neckline pumps and narrow black trousers visually make the shoulders wider, slimmer legs, and the difference between the width of the shoulders and hips visible.
Right: V-neck, vertical from the fastener-free customized fit in the waist and slender legs in attracting the attention of jeans perfectly balanced shape.

To summarize, for the figures of «inverted triangle» there are several recommendations:
— The elements catches the eye to the center of the figure and the face
— Vertical and diagonal lines
— Long necklaces and scarves
— no unnecessary parts or volumes on the shoulders (epaulettes, puffed sleeves, and so forth)
— Soft shoulder line
— Lowered shoulders
— a set-sleeve raglan sleeves
— Deep V-neck or round neck (avoid the collar clamps, square cut-outs)
— The elements that attract the hips look for balancing shoulders.

Of course, it is important to be aware of the overall proportionality, scale, and other individual characteristics.
Dear inverted triangle, good luck to you in search of their fashions and stylish things!:)

Liked? I need your opinion about what I do and what I write. Your comment — best estimate of my work. Let’s talk more![:]

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