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[:RU]Caminito del Rey in Spain reopened![:]

[:RU]A year ago, the Royal Trail (El Caminito del Rey), lined by cliffs in the gorge of El Chorro in the province of Malaga in Spain, considered the most dangerous hiking trails in the world. In the early XX century, it was built here to service the dams on the river Gvadalorse Conde got its name in honor of King Alfonso XIII, the past is one of the first at the opening ceremony. Later, the trail has become a tourist route, but his condition worsened every year. Finally, in 2001, after two years here killed five tourists, the Spanish authorities decided to close the Royal trails for visitors. But, despite the ban, this place has continued to attract fans to tickle your nerves, and for many of them it ended in failure. And then, making sure that the forbidden fruit and maniacs will beckon climbers, a wise decision was made ​​to reconstruct the trail. Construction work began in February 2014 and already March 28, 2015 Caminito del Rey has been reopened to the public.

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The news of the opening of the Royal trail appeared a few days before our trip, and I decided to whatever was to come here, especially since this place was just on our way from Granada to Ronda. You can get here by car or by train to the station of El Chorro (El Chorro).

El Chorro

Car can be parked in the parking lot near the station, and then signs will lead to the beginning of the route. Along the way, you can see the beautiful railway bridge.

Railroad bridge

Even at a distance trails, suspended from the cliffs, it begins breathtaking.

El Caminito del Rey

In the first six months after the opening of the trail, you can visit the Royal Free, and later probably will take an entrance fee and experts calculate this tourist facility will annually bring in the provincial budget to 20 million euros. Already wishing to get here more than enough, and at the same time be allowed on the route 400 visitors, so the system was set up appointment. The official saytepredlagaetsya sign up for a specific day and time, but at the moment all seats are already booked up to the end of September. When I started to be interested, it was still possible to sign up for a month in advance, but since we do not even know when we get there, then I would not be recorded. But, as you know, on the route, I still walked, so my experience may help those who are also, for some reason, could not or did not have time to book a ticket. By the way, children up to 8 years are generally prohibited access here, so the whole family was here, we did not get there. Julia had to leave the children and to break one.

Caminito del Rey in Spain

Distance from the train station and the parking lot to the entrance of about two kilometers. Somewhere in the middle is an information point. It fit with armor and get a printout helmets and disposable pads for them, and on the way back the same helmets sit here, putting in a large basket. I decided to first try to get to be honest and say that I have no armor, but I’m dying to get here, miss me, please, huh? But the young man at the counter said that he could not help.

Rastroennyh, I, along with Julia and children walked up to the entrance to the route and noticed that there’s kind of like your not already checked, and all passed on proprietary helmet wearer. By this, I decided to use. I have asked to go back the young people could not be anyone of them to give me a helmet, because their output is not checked. But it turned out that they had helmets on the security of the passport and told that they, too, had no armor, but they and many other visitors also allowed to pass through, leaving a deposit. Then I went back to the information desk and told the guy: Hey, bro, let me pass, please, here, too, take your passport, just give a look to the beauty. But he was adamant: the security of people passed in the morning, but now too much with the tickets, so I’m sorry.

Then I went outside and, without hesitation, took a helmet from one of the baskets, where they are left, and confidently strode to the door. There’s a young employee said in Spanish something about «rezervason», but seeing my confusion, she asked in English: «Did you leave your pass on the information?» To which I just nodded, and went through the turnstile.

The length of the route Caminito del Rey 7.7 km, of which the most interesting part is located between the northern and southern entrances of 2.9 km (suspended decks — Valley — suspended decks). I, like most other visitors walked through the south entrance (Álora), passed through the valley to the north (Ardales), and returned by the same route back. It took me 2 hours but I was in a hurry to his wife and children do not get bored, and even then you can at least spend a whole day. Conversely, by the way, you can get back on the bus (there is a schedule here).

Caminito del Rey

At the beginning of the road is a bridge between the rocks. More precisely now the two of them.

The bridge between the rocks

Instead of the old arch bridge has a new outboard.

Suspension bridge

Suspension bridge

As you can see, the new path is laid on two feet above the old, and has the entire length of the railing reliable, so it is not clear restriction of visitors by age.

El Caminito del Rey - old and new trails

On the following photos you can see in what state was the old trail.

Dilapidated old trail

The new and the old Royal Trail

The old bridge on the Royal Trail

Once the most dangerous trail in the world

Caminito del Rey, Spain

And for the not very impressionable recommend to watch the video looked like a walk through the Royal trail before it opened:

At a time when the Royal trail was closed, the first part of the journey was especially devastated to get here it was even more difficult, and the penalty for penetration here is 6000 euro. But that did not stop obezbashennym extreme. Unfortunately, for some of them the price for entrance here has become unreasonably high.

Memorial plaque

Throughout the Caminito del Rey in parallel it passes the railway. The next photo is visible one more bridge between tunnels.

The bridge between the tunnels

After the first section begins with suspended decks picturesque valley.

The picturesque valley

Along the way through the valley are parallel engineering structures previously used for the dam.

Engineering structures

Iron Gate

Engineering structures

The entire trail was even once electrified.

Old electricity pylon

The valley ends with another gorge.


Here again, there are decks with railings.

Floorings with handrails

Caminito del Rey, the northern part

Another old bridge, the passage through which is currently prohibited.

Old Bridge

Again, the left foot path and the right rail.

Hiking trails and railway

In this part of the gorge trail reminds partnach gorge in Bavaria. And there are not as robust fencing, as here, but we calmly walked out there, and with a four-Leo Martin and a newborn.

Gorge in Spain

Caminito del Rey

Eliminated in the northern entrance, you can turn around and stomping back to his family.

North entrance to the royal path (Ardales)

Artificial waterfall

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