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[:RU]One of the longest-lying Buddha in the world[:]

[:RU]The best. This is the term used like the locals, to attract tourists to different places. During the journey I’ve been in all sorts of most-places. In this report, I will describe how I went to see one of the longest in the world statue of the reclining Buddha. But along the way to show everything interesting that I came across on the way from the now native Hikkaduwa to Ambalangoda — city, next to which is a temple with the Buddha, the longest.

terraoko-2015070933 (9)

1. Just do not go to the Buddha — the monk must receive a key which opens the room. Monk little squint in his left eye. With such a disaster in Sri Lanka, a lot of people. I wonder why?

2. As soon as I drove away from Hikii he saw saw cut native trees. I put next to a scooter that you understand proportion. And in Sri Lanka have their giant trees. 3. On the second floor stood repeller crows and other animals

4. In general, the road to Ambolangody continuous buzz — going himself among the palm trees along the sea and enjoy the views

5. In 2004, a terrible tsunami and killed more than 40,000 people. Of which 9,000 were tourists. Memorial, reminiscent of the tragedy

6. It was then that occurred the most terrible rail disaster — more than 1,700 passengers were killed the same composition. The fact is that on the south coast of Sri Lanka railway goes parallel to the usual road, and in some places, it is almost at the coast.

7. Along the coast you can find mnozhestno dilapidated buildings and many tombstones. Locals say that only in the last couple of years, the country oklemalas after the disaster and less recovered

8. Along the road you can see huge boats

9. A typical dressing for the southern coast of Sri Lanka. Be sure to wide roof and therefore required the second floor in the building

10. How do I love the decorated trucks without doors. And look at the lights! I look forward to my next trip to Pakistan. One reason is the huge number of trucks even more beautiful. When the trip did not ask. Two years ago, I could not find companions on this journey, I think that in a couple of years, slowly found, and while there are plans to other countries.

IMG_438511. Beer lovers, Sri Lanka would have liked the abundance of dried fish

12. It’s amazing — people living by the sea, do not know how to swim. At least in all his travels through Asia, I almost never saw that local ripped up the waves. So, will drop, rinse the coast and back.

13. I do not know what they are selling, but because of their smiles, I am ready to buy it :)

14. On buildings as well as in India, meets various advertising companies. They say that companies pay extra for it and produce this paint

15. But trucks handsome that his skated. Eeeh …

16. See the pots? Many times driving past this place and could not understand what they mean. A otgadka was simple — is selling Kurd. Kurd — is a dairy product that somewhere between sour cream and natural yoghurt to taste. Sale or in plastic containers or pots in just such a natural clay color. Here are photos in this instagramme Kurd. As it turned out, used pots painted white and put along the road to attract attention. But I stopped, I offered to buy this milk product.

17. In most Ambolangode a temple, whose name is also difficult vygovarivaemo — Sunandarama Maha Viharaya. He is known by the fact that the entrance to the territory is carried out through the beautiful gates

18. It is possible to stand and looking at each architectural element

19. The first time I see the gates of this magnitude in Buddhist temples

20. The city itself has some sort of a strike or something — scattered posters

21. The most flattened car in the world. I’d probably also behind the wheel of this does not fit

IMG_4412 (1)

22. Women who sew attention. There will be a dangerous caption, better pass by, so as not to upset. And there is something to be upset — the 2.5-meter piece of calico is worth $ 1 20 cents. In general, here a paradise for lovers of cut and sew. My wife is constantly dazzled, we should only come in any fabric store. Prices are ridiculous, and the quality excellent. You can order and sew in place — is too funny. For example sew a man’s shirt costs $ 3. Sew cool long shorts worth $ 10 with the cloth.

IMG_4412 (2)
23. Well, okay, let’s stop talking about the mundane and go to the temple Shayilathalarama Viharaya, where is the longest reclining Buddha. I must say, to go to the temple, many are the stairs to the mountain. Well, I read about the experiences of other travelers on the road and spotted Guglokartah. As a result, I faked and went up the mountain on a scooter. I pay an admission fee of 250 rupees a monk and received the hands of this huge key

24. The scale is impressive — 35 meters in length

25. Temple with a statue of more than 150 years

26. Of course there are other statues — where without them?

27. Interestingly, and whether there are Buddhist temples, where there is only one image or statue of the Buddha?

28. Looked statue, closed the door back to the key and back key found on the wall of newspaper clippings about this temple

29. A careful reader of my blog noticed 24 photos scaffolding. Yes, the church is now actively restoring and otherwise decorated

30. I do not know what ‘s called this art form, but it looks really cool — three-dimensional images in the paint and all of it is covered with glaze

31. Not all the time to make the volume picture

32. Somewhere I’ve seen it. As a child, read the book, like Christianity for children, where there was a similar picture, but with Jesus in the lead role

33. In the courtyard itself is a stupa

34. Another interesting element. Outside, a statue of a seated Buddha, and under glass box with a small change. Going down a coin in the tube and thus making a donation

35. Under the roof of a building, found an unusual aircraft

36. But on the way back, noticed an interesting point of mobile advertising and sales of motorcycles


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