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[:RU]The feed in airplanes Emirates[:]

[:RU]Today in your court take a look, what to feed in flight, one of the largest and richest in the world airline, Emirates.
I have long been desirable to evaluate the service and cuisine of the Middle East aviamonstra, so when choosing a trip to Zanzibar, choosing from Qatar Airways, Turkish Airlines, Egyptair and Emirates, I chose the latter …

Fly had a long 16 hours with 4-hour connection in Dubai and even with night flight. Meals on board such flights plays a significant role, time to get hungry more than once, so the fact that the flight attendants served in a red cap, I looked very carefully …

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2. I must say that at the Emirates for the different areas to develop a separate power supply.
On the flight from Moscow to Dubai is one, on a flight to Dubai-Cape Town else on the flight Dubai-Dar es Salaam — the third.
Immediately after takeoff, each passenger hand out menus where you can get acquainted with the proposed dishes, and choose from several options hot.
Very pleased that the Moscow flight one of the options menu in Russian. But on the flight to Dar es Salaam in Swahili version was not …
Alcohol, soft drinks and coffee on board without restriction. If you want champagne, $ 15 per glass.

4. So that the Russians and offer not only traveling to Dubai?
From Moscow we flew to 00.05 and dinner we were served about one in the morning.
For this trip I did not order special food, it was interesting to try the «standard.»
In the «standard» for a snack offered smoked salmon with potato salad (boiled potatoes, diced and seasoned mayonnaise) on the main course was a choice between «chicken» and «beef» with a side dish, dessert chocolate mousse.
In addition, there is a tray of rolls, butter «of the ladle «processed cheese» President «, two crackers and packaging of water.
In addition, I took a couple of bottles of Argentine white Pinot Franc

5. Main course — Beef Stew with mashed potatoes and grilled vegetables.
Very delicious and satisfying, despite the fact that quite often is not very hot appetizing.
Special thanks to the devices. They are not disposable, and full of metal.
Some people may not care, but I always like to have a normal knife with a fork
Emirates Flight Catering

6. Now, about what we were fed on a flight from Dubai to Dar es Salaam.
Here the menu is about the same in size and number of meals, only other dishes.
A snack piece of smoked chicken with bean salad, main course a choice between » lamb «and» chicken «chocolate cake for dessert. Furthermore, on bun tray, cheese «Cheddar», butter, water and crackers are the same.

7. Main dish — baked chicken with tomato-pepper sauce, mashed potatoes and seasonal vegetables.
Again delicious and satisfying, with no claim to appearance and quality.
Emirates Flight Catering

The general conclusion:
Flying Emirates, hungry you on board will not stay, and quality of the food is close to the food, not the stern.

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