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[:RU]Sri Lanka. Nalanda Gedige[:]

[:RU]In Sri Lanka, 23 km from Dambulla are the ruins of a unique drevnesingalskogo sooruzheniya.Trudno a more beautiful landscape of this holy place. Such places are remembered for years to come.

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01. The bus driver dropped us off at the turn to the temple, where we quickly found a tuk tuk there and back for 300 rupees. After about a hundred meters walk, we reached the goal. Tickets are buying is not necessary.

02. Nalanda Gedige combining Buddhist and Hindu architectural styles, was built between the VIII and X centuries.

03. This is the only Buddhist sacred building on the island, built in the South Indian style of the Pallavas.

04. The structure has a dome shape. Pallavas were masters of stone carving. The construction of different elaborately decorated, carved into the stone walls.

05. Next is a small stupa

06. In total some 20 minutes walk made our day. I recommend a visit to this temple!

07. The helpful tourist discovers some interesting scenes :)

08. And we also got a local reptilians. See what a handsome man!


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