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[:RU]Girls Geneva Motor Show[:]

[:RU]No, I’m still sexist. Time and time again I come back to this subject, and compare cars and girls. Or rather, I do not even compare. And I admire the way they complement each other. In my defense I will say this. From observations of the representative of the male sex. When passing by a beautiful sports car, the guys immediately throw at him. Following casually turn away. But as soon as he will pass a long time watching him go. The same algorithm with the girls. I spied. For guys, do not get me wrong. I was just interested in the reaction. Reaction — one to one.

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Motor Show — is a place where you can admire the girls are not surreptitiously. And if you have a camera around his neck, there’s even a chance that the girl you will smile. It is important at this point to understand that girls smiling, of course, not to you. Girl smiling to those who see this photo.


But for boys, whose imaginative, you have to guess, and that’s enough.


Beautiful girls, like beautiful cars — unattainable dream. Not for me, not for you, Boris. Or whatever your name is? I’m sorry, Alex.




I will add some of your men subjective. The most beautiful girls at the Geneva Motor Show stood on the stand Skoda. Not Lamborghini, no Bugatti, not Ferrari. A Skoda.


Girls, of course, distract from work. Do not give focus. In general, strongly interfere. But this has to be tolerated. We are professionals, we have learned to cope with such difficulties.




Pulse, however, periodically speeded up. But we, the professionals, it is. Periodically. When we are overly focused on the job. When at work, the pressure is generally constantly jumping. And it is not associated with expensive cars or with beautiful girls. Girls here exactly to do with it.

Like it? I need your opinion about what I do and what I write. Your comment — best estimate of my work. Let’s talk more![:]

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