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[:RU]Troja Castle in Prague[:]

[:RU]That’s somewhere where, as in the Czech Republic shortage of castles and palaces there. Someday I even want to organize a tour for him. And, of course, particularly in Prague is no exception. One of the palaces of Prague especially impressed me.
And his name was — Castle Troy. He is not so big, is not in the center, and, for sure, not every tourist before it arrives, but there is in him something particularly attractive ..

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How to get there? Consider public transportation, how we enjoyed. On the red line metro C line, we reached the station Nadrazni Holetsovitse (Nadrazi Holesovice). Then boarded the bus, which stops 20 meters from the left exit of the subway. At the weekend, with an interval of 10 minutes. free shuttle buses to the zoo, they work from the beginning of April until the end of September. On weekdays you can get on the bus number 112 (on it we went). Exit at the final stop should be «Zoo».


The castle is open to visitors from May to October, every day except Monday, from 10:00 to 18:00.



Country residence Troja Baroque castle was built in 1679-1691gg. Count Sternberg. In 1763. he sold the castle to the Empress Maria Theresa, who in 13 years it passes intstitut Noble Maidens. The castle is very damaged during the Prussian wars.




Since 1920. it is owned by the state. Now it houses a permanent exhibition of the City Gallery of Prague, dedicated to the 19th-century Czech art.


On the development plans of the castle D.D.Orsi initially worked, but then the object is moved to the architect Zh.B.Mate. He built a palace on the French model with three wings, and also made it his personal impressions from the time spent in Rome. The benchmark for others to follow him is a classic Italian villa.



Well, we’re heading inside. The ticket price for an adult is around 100 euros, students are provided with discounts. We got off of the students, the card is not required, to believe that we have forgotten it. In many places, by the way, it «rolls»)). You can also purchase a «map of Troy,» which opened at the entrance to the castle and the nearby zoo and botanical garden, it costs about 250 euros. We were not going to the zoo, so limited individual tickets.


And within just ah! Train your neck before visiting, in this castle you will spend most of the time, with his head up, painted ceilings — a work of art.





Exhibits. Grandmother I liked, for as realestichno she recreated that now seems look at you and talk.



Carousing in the castle where there are 2 floors in which a plurality of painted rooms, one is like another, passages, corridors, halls.






The most impressive room is the imperial castle hall, fully covered with paintings! It is said that in this hall there are a mystery, the like of which no one of the castles in Europe. It changes its shape and appearance, adjusting to the angle of view. As a result, completely lost the sense of reality. The secret is illusory painting, which the artist Abraham Godin performed. Honestly, I do not feel))



Ceiling. In the center of the buttons like «Play»:)



The main theme of the paintings — the glorification of the Hapsburgs, in particular, the emperors’ divine Rudolph «and» Leopold-victor «, the story of victory in 1683. over the Turks at Vienna. The total area of ​​the castle, covered with paintings of 4000 m2, including the area of ​​the main hall of paintings is 1400 m2.


Very peculiar Chinese halls, on the walls you can see the exquisite themed paintings. Furthermore, in these halls is a collection of ceramics.




I never met before in an amount of murals in the castles. There is not a room without them.




It looks very nice. But, as I understand it, there were people! That can not imagine how they would not have gone mad)).




The castle is surrounded by a beautiful garden park in the French style. In 1983-1986gg. it was reconstructed. Staircase transition from one level to another park. The lower part is a labyrinth. But there we did not go, because we still wanted to visit the Botanical Garden, which is on the examination takes a long time.


We walked a bit over the top part of the garden. Gently vystrezhennye bushes, clean, krasivo..Odno pleasure to walk there.


The most important decoration of the whole castle complex is a staircase that connects the main hall of the castle garden. Dresden sculptors create one pitch Hermann, in 1705 it was supplemented by plastics Jan Brokoff. The staircase decorated with statues of ancient gods and goddesses representing Atlantean struggle with the Titans, according to the subjects of the Greek Iliad. Hence the name «Troy», later transformed into not only the castle, but also for the entire region (up to the XVIII century. He called Ovenets).




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