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[:RU]Why are smeared with mud at the Dead Sea[:]

[:RU]Dead Sea mud is considered to be over-treatment and incredibly useful. It even imported into other countries as a cosmetic. But for those who come directly to the famous lake (the sea is called very conditional) — the mud, «like dirt.»

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It works like a sponge: absorbs toxins from the upper layers of the skin, it causes the sebaceous glands to work and frees the person from the sebum. In addition, it smooths wrinkles, relieves muscle tension. For relaxation it is often applied to the face, though, as we can see under the cut, there is absolutely uncompromising options …

The Dead Sea is small: its length of 67 km, width about 18 km. This view of the lake from Jordan to Israel. Right Jordan River, which forms the border between the two countries:


The maximum depth of 300 meters and an annual level is lowered by one meter. In 1977, due to the drainage of the sea turned out to be divided into two parts, north and south. The southern part is controlled by the mineralogical plants and was transformed into a system of communicating basins. Thus, the process was broken natural water circulation. All this implies an ecological catastrophe.

Several projects have been proposed for the transfer of waters of the Red Sea and the Mediterranean to the Dead. One of them is now in modeling stage. Scientists are trying to predict the consequences of the construction of the canal and its impact on the ecology of the Gulf of Eilat. The project cost 3.4 billion US dollars:


Beach of the Dead Sea. Due to the high content of salts and minerals in the water does not rise. Beach so that you come not without sneakers:


Very salty water is dangerous for the eyes. In case of contact, it is necessary to wash out immediately run, this has shower:


We stayed in the Kempinski, the hotel had its own beach with sun beds. On the beach are special people who collect, filter, and bring guests to the dirt. It remains only to smear it follows:


You can smear the whole body, avoiding the areas around the mouth and eyes. Previously recommended to drip on your wrist and check whether there is an allergy. Be sure to be applied to the hair, said to be very helpful. After these manipulations, you will be here so here is handsome (pictured specialist for gadgets Learn ammo1):


Then you have to wait until the mud dries. You can wander along the beach and look at the same handsome and beauties. Some even melting smear mud for some reason:



Then it is necessary to wash off the mud. The water in the Dead Sea vysokosolenaya bathers and pushes to the surface:


Of course there are those who come to the Dead Sea and not too eager to bathe in it (like me). For these travelers created all the infrastructure:


Lovely hotel with wonderful swimming pools:


You can not make oneself dirty mud, and just sunbathe under the sun:



Sunset over Israel. A picturesque sunset here is not the case, the horizon is constantly in a haze and haze:


And this is the Red Sea. The coastline of 27 kilometers, a lot of hotels and tourists:


When we arrived, the wind was blowing terrible, the water was murky and I gave up the idea to shoot underwater. Although it is taken for this purpose the box:



Some hotels from the unspoiled beaches and coral stones, others simply put the pontoon.
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