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[:RU]Life in the slums of Guangzhou.[:]

[:RU]Visit residential quarter Xiancun originally part of my plans during your stay in the city. About this place is pretty much known in the near future it is likely to disappear from the map of the city. Will only photos and memories. The area was founded about 800 years ago and was an ordinary village. Over time, the urban jungle swallowed it and it turned out that the village was in the heart of the city. Naturally the authorities began to try to settle it. But how to get people to move to the suburbs where they live in a 10-minute walk from the World Financial Center? They were promised different conditions, but they do not believe and continue to live there in inhuman conditions …

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1. Enter the number of the quarter and the way authorities periodically closed. The streets that go around the perimeter of the quarter with respect to decent and there is quite normal …

2. Most of the buildings maimed construction machinery and various tricks of the workers. Fight with the residents is around the clock … Some houses hung a sign that is in them children or elderly people live, or just to have people … Loader did not kill anyone during the demolition.

3. Drying takes everywhere, on balconies, streets, yards …

4. Life is not a matter that is quite the usual way …

5. Most of the buildings are similar to the results of air raids ….

6. For an apartment with no windows and doors are sometimes asked to 30-40 yuan per day … It is still possible to rent an apartment, amazing!

7. Some streets, in principle, no different from ordinary streets of Guangzhou at 10 kilometers from the center … Those solid shopping arcade.

8. At the site of the demolished building roads there.


10. The passages are very narrow and dark even during the day … .Mestami sunlight is not visible.


12. Web conventional wires Asian phenomenon, and this place is no exception.





17. Where no one lives, the windows and doors boarded up … .Mesta frankly not pleasant …


19. Sewerage in most houses is discharged into the narrow gaps between the buildings …

20. Food prices are quite democratic, but try it, I did not, because of the general unsanitary places.



23. In the quarter are not only homeless … .It ordinary families … children, the elderly, workers … Authorities demolished and closed all schools, kindergartens and clinics with the police station … You’re the only market …


25. Fruits and vegetables you can find any, and cheap …



28. It’s funny, but slackers almost there I did not see someone that is selling, repairing ….

29. It is photographed on a bright sunny day!



32. The smell in the quarter is another story … Even the smell of fresh fish seems to joy from the crowd fumes garbage …




36. Revenue from the sale of such delicacies in my opinion very doubtful …

37. I thought it was kind of a public kindergarten … many children.



40. Meat ranks occupy as well as on all markets a single sector …

41. And this is the place I was looking for purpose! The pond in the middle of the quarter …

42. The pond is teeming with different fish, as evidenced by the ripples and plenty of fishermen … Donkey.


44. Even nets catch!

45. Here it is homemade cafe! We went to?

46. ​​contrasts very well felt in the form of new buildings … The contrasts are striking from different angles …

47. Similar to the banks … but what is it I neponyal …




51. After strolling around a couple of hours I decided to still go to the light, because the atmosphere inhibits the slums …

52. I do not know how many rebels hold out, but I think that they are still seated, even if it will attract an army ..

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