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[:RU]Castle Koch[:]

[:RU]The castle that we see today was «constructed» in 1850 as an extraordinary castle from another Marquess of Bute, which I wrote in Cardiff post. But it was built on the basis of the old, I would say the ancient fort, built in approximately 1081. It was a Norman castle, which lasted not long. The location is strategically important, as here perfectly controlled Taffskoe Gorge and the Anglo-Welsh border. So in the first Welsh war, approximately in the years 1267-77 Gilbert de Clare (the one who built Caerphilly Castle to which a stone’s throw from the Koch) ordered to build here full lock with thick walls for the defense of British land. Alas, life and the castle was short — it razed frantic Welsh in 1314godu. These are the ruins and found there the Marquis 1st Marquess of Bute in 1760 when surveyed inherited after marriage profitable new land.

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To reach the castle you need to get to Koh w / station Taffs Well (trains run every 15 minutes, the ticket costs 4.9 pounds in the same direction) and then walk 20-25 minutes. When leaving the station you feel that you are in some kind of industrial area, and the wrong address — relax, it’s really your station. It is necessary to move back towards Cardiff and all the time to take to the left, closer to the mountain. 10 minutes you will cross the freeway, and then go up the dirt road along the hill (beacon will serve for you cyclists, of which there are many, they will all go exactly in the wrong direction) In this way you need to walk to the village and at the first major crossroads , near the bar (one bar and you can not miss it and do not confuse), turn left. Then it all the way up and right, past the golf course to the left and lovely houses on the right.

The settlement ends the forest belt at the beginning of which will be something like a barrier and turn left up the hill — you there. Even 5-10 minutes up the hill and you are there.

In 1848, the land inherited 3rd Marquess of Bute (the one that reconstructed Cardiff Castle), which had a special love for the history, architecture and antiques antiquities. But to inherit — is one thing, but to build a castle here — is quite another. So why here? Indeed, in the late 19th century, this land has been so strategically important. Personally, I think the whole thing as the windows! The beauty and harmony of this castle. Photo, alas, is not mine, but let it be there, as an illustration to the name of the castle: Castell Coch translated from Welsh means red castle. Nowhere did not find why it is red: blood, beautiful, or something else, so let it be painted with autumn colors.

Look at these powerful ramparts, which were built in the memory of the old days of the castle. On the days when he was a powerful defensive fortress!

They do not tally with the delicate «roofs lodge. But, somehow, it all looks remarkably harmonious.


But if the exterior is still a puzzle once formed, here the interiors surprise to impossible! And thank you for all you need is the same Burgess, design projects so that the castle was decorated with Bute in Cardiff. But if Cardiff castle was the main residence of the family, the only country Koch. However, the architect and planned large-scale work here, finish that, alas, did not have time — died.

7. Ballroom
After completion of construction and finishing works team Burgess Castle virtually unused Bute, except for picnics and rare informal meetings. Chasing after beauty, architect bit forgotten about functionality. Given that in the castle can be a banquet for a large audience, place it firmly nowhere — at the chateau only three bedrooms.

Somehow everywhere write that this bedroom Lady Bute. But as far as I remember from information plates in the castle of the Marquis of Bute is a bedroom. But I could be wrong.

Bedroom pompous in the extreme, this can sleep in only the owner of the castle. Look, what a delightful ceiling!

In this room can clearly be seen Burgess love to detail, which is a safe one

The bedroom is Lady Bute looks much more modest. A woman should know their place — close to the children and away from her husband. It is desirable in the other wing of the castle, that he had not heard a baby crying and the wife does not pestered him once again his chatter:)

In the castle there are farm buildings, which are almost devoid of decorative elements, but not devoid of charm.

After the war, these areas are no longer bring home big profits. Besides wartime reflected in the castle — he needed restoration. Therefore, in 1947 the fifth Marquess of Bute, as true businessman deducted from the balance of family costly item and gave it to the care of the state.

The castle was restored for the budget and is open to visitors. And now, for some 5.5 pounds, we can admire this «medieval» beauty.

For some money there to hold the event, placing guests in the hotels nearby. And if you want, you can even get married in the home church of the castle:)

Like it? I need your opinion about what I do and what I write. Your comment — best estimate of my work. Let’s talk more!



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