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[:RU]The Potala Palace[:]

[:RU]The Potala Palace is located on Red Mountain in the center of Lhasa, not only the main attraction, the shrine, the largest monumental structure in all of Tibet, but also the highest palace in the world. This palace is a unique monument of culture and art and truly an architectural masterpiece.
I do not remember where and when I first saw a picture of the Potala Palace, but since then I wanted to be sure to come to Tibet and see this miracle live!

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Photo 2. The palace is situated at an altitude of 3700 meters on the Red Hill (MARP Ri) in the middle of Lhasa Valley. Numerous pilgrims circumambulate the hill to the palace, making the crust — ritual circumambulation of the holy place. Along the crust are numerous prayer wheels and a shopping arcade.

In 637 the king of Tibet Songtsen Gampo is the first building erected in the place where he used to meditate. When he decided to make his capital Lhasa, he built a palace. After his engagement with the Chinese princess Wen Cheng, has expanded to 999 rooms palace, erected walls and towers and dug a diversion channel. In the second half of the VIII century, the palace was hit by lightning and burned wooden buildings, and then because of civil wars destroyed the palace. Now preserved only cave-Fa Wang and Hall Pabalakan.

The palace in its present form was started in 1645 on the initiative of the Dalai Lama V. In 1648 was completed the White Palace and the Potala was used as a winter residence of the Dalai Lamas. Red Palace was completed between 1690 and 1694.
Potala Palace 2

Photo 3.
Potala Palace 4

Photo 4. The heart of the complex is the Red Palace (Potrang MARP) — the highest part of the center. This part is entirely devoted to religious education and Buddhist prayer:
Potala Palace 3

Photo 5. The building consists of a variety of rooms, chapels and libraries on multiple levels with galleries and winding corridors. Richly decorated with paintings, precious stones and carvings, it contains a number of temples and tombs of eight previous Dalai Lamas:
Potala Palace 5

Photo 6. White Palace consists of a large eastern pavilion, solar pavilion, residential quarters regent and tutor of the Dalai Lama, as well as the offices of the government:
Potala Palace 6

Photo 7. Great Eastern Pavilion was used for official ceremonies, in a sunny pavilion Dalai Lama actually lived and worked:
Potala Palace 7

Photo 8.
Potala Palace 8

Photo 9. Climb:
Potala Palace 9

Photo 10. An interesting material for the walls 🙂
Potala Palace 10

Photo 11. The palace was the main residence of the Dalai Lama, until the forced departure XIV Dalai Lama in 1959 in India and obtain political asylum. The Chinese government uses as a museum complex. In 1994, the complex is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
Potala Palace 11

Photo 12. As to visit the palace, the Chinese comrades, the tourist is given one hour inspection of the interior passes almost running, but still do not understand how it happened that this is the only picture I made inside the palace:
Potala Palace 12

Photo 13. On one of the floors of the complex:
Potala Palace 13

Photo 14. From the upper tiers of the Potala offers a good view of the Lhasa:
Potala Palace 14

Photo 15.
Potala Palace 15

Photo 16. Potala with dusk:
Potala Palace 16

Photo 17. Illuminated:
Potala Palace 17

Photo 18. A little closer:
Potala Palace 18

Photo 19. On the square in front of the palace of the Chinese built a great fountain that every night draws crowds of tourists and townspeople. Tourists expanding tripods trying to capture the beauty of the Potala night, kids running around under the water jets, parents of children running around, couples retire on the benches, and the Chinese military and firefighters vigilantly looked upon everything happening :))
Potala Palace 19

Photo 20.
Potala Palace 20

Photo 21.
Potala Palace 21

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