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[:RU]Traditional Japanese wedding in Tsurugaoka Hatimangu.[:]

[:RU]More precisely, not the wedding itself, and wedding photos, because the ceremony is usually held or at the temple or at home with a variety of guests. Like us, the wedding is preceded (or followed) photo shoot in various beautiful and memorable places, and there was just exactly that.

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For the wedding ceremony itself is observed not a lot of people, as it is business as usual, although very colorful. I must say that in Japan are Shinto wedding gradually give way to a «Christian» weddings (in Tokyo seen more than once), where everything takes place usually Protestant, very lush ritual, but even without a priest or pastor — his role is played by the employee or the registrar’s office of the municipality. At the same vows in a modern and without frills old. Here everything was just old-fashioned. Brac then had to conduct even the rickshaw in formal attire at ceremonial chariot. The bride and groom were also in ceremonial robes. As you can see, this middle-aged people (young people in Japan do not marry early, unless some nonconformist couples), and is usually for 30 years, not before. A man dressed in a rather ordinary attire: a suit montsuki consisting of wide trousers and waistcoats haori hakama. With the bride, everything is more complicated. Her wedding kimono siromuki, which must mean the white purity of the gods. Curiously, the hair — it’s usually a wig, which is still stuck in the horns, a symbol of jealousy. There’s even a traditional Japanese mask jealous of his wife, which is a red devil with big horns. Very expressive and clear. However, the horns are covered with a white scarf tsunokakusi. This type should symbolize that jealousy — an evil that should not flaunt it. Relatives. Then they all dressed quite modern. One aunt. Photographers excel. Generally, the wedding is very expensive in Japan. From a real marriage (registered in the municipality) before the ceremony can take months or years. Well, that scarf wearing, it’s all right, you can continue.

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