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[:RU]Panama Canal[:]

[:RU]The channel connecting the Atlantic Ocean with the Pacific, not only brings a lot of money in the economy of a small Panamanian, but the main attraction of the country. Agree with your own eyes to see how huge the ship crosses the gateway just a few meters away from you, at least, curious.

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Information Center of the Panama Canal Miraflores
The most convenient place to observe the life of the Panama Canal — Miraflores Locks, located a half-hour ride from the capital. If you think that once you arrive at the gate, you will see the huge ships, make no mistake — I send often used by small yachts, frequent long breaks.

Sailboats cross the Panama Canal

Time waiting «Krupnyakov» can be held in the Museum of the Panama Canal. Here, for example, it is possible for a moment to feel the captain of a ship crossing the channel.

The crossing of the Panama Canal.  Visualization of the Museum of the Panama Canal

But then came a major gateway to the ship. Tellingly, our — SCF Tomsk. Tugs give way to train. Train control computer adjusts the tension of the cables. This is necessary due to the fact that the gateway is very narrow — just a couple of meters wider than the ship. It’s like the elephant to push through the eye of a needle.

The vessel SCF Tomsk comes to Miraflores Locks of the Panama Canal

Crowds of spectators gathered on the observation deck of Miraflores.

Lookout Miraflores Locks, Panama Canal

And trains meanwhile doing their jewelry work. By the way, the Panama Canal was the reason for creating a single standard Panamax. Manufacturers around the world are trying to build ships no wider than a canal.

The vessel SCF Tomsk passes gateway Mirafores, the Panama Canal

Rate the height difference. After a few minutes pump out excess water, and the great ship goes down.

Miraflores Locks, Panama Canal

A few meters from the gateway is an active water discharge.

Panama Canal.  Miraflores Locks.  Water release

The water level on par, the door lock opened, trains pulled the ship past the crowds of tourists.

The opening of the gateway of the Panama Canal in Miraflores

The vessel leaves the last gateway channel and sent out into the Atlantic, saving several days of travel. Panamanians are rubbing their hands — the cost of the passage of the channel depends on the type and size of the vessel and ranges from 800 to tens of thousands of dollars.

The vessel SCF Tomsk leaves Panama Canal

Believe me, I live it looks even bigger. And I had one more place — go on a cruise ship channel.

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