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[:RU]Burj Khalifa and Downtown Dubai[:]

[:RU]If your stay in Dubai is limited to just a few hours of transit, then most likely you will decide to visit the tallest building in the world — Burj Khalifa skyscraper height of 829.8 meters. And not just to look at the phenomenal level architectural structure with its foot, and climb to the observation deck to look around the whole panorama of Dubai.

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To get to the skyscraper the easiest on the subway, and then pass the signs on the floors to the Dubai mall entrance of the tower-stalagmite. However, if you get into the area of ​​the mall in the evening, you’ll be sure to see more of one of the world’s largest musical fountain, shoots jets of water into the air to a height of 150 meters.


From the mall is usually not crowded fences, so it’s best to move a little to the side — there is no problem and you can feel free to watch the performance, which runs every half hour from 18.00 until 23.00 or 23.30 depending on the day of the week.


Integrated development project Downtown Dubai includes the addition of a central element in the face of the Burj Khalifa are other skyscrapers, mall fountain. Still, second place on the attractiveness takes a luxurious five-star hotel «The Address Downtown» height of a little more than 300 meters.


According to chairman of the board of directors of the developer «Emaar», «Burj Khalifa is a tribute to the Arab world art, modern engineering and design. Burj Dubai symbolizes the aesthetic union of many cultures — from the people of the Arabian Peninsula to the peoples of the world. »


Tickets for «Burj Khalifa» better to redeem in advance for a few days on the official website of the tower. The sun sets in the Emirates about 18.00, so if you want to visit the observation deck during these hours to have time to see the city in the daytime and in the evening, when millions of lights illuminate lighting and lighting skyscrapers, it is better not to postpone the purchase of tickets.


I must say that all the pictures below are made with the observation platform «At The Top», located on the 124th floor of the building at a height of 452 meters. After just two months after my visit, in mid-October 2014go has been opened playground «At The Top — SKY» 148 floor at a height of 555 meters. This allowed the Burj Khalifa regain first place, having won the palm of Canton TV Tower in Guangzhou, China.


If you have forgotten or do not have time to buy tickets to visit the Burj Khalifa in advance, it can be done on-site, however, will cost you then enjoy several times more expensive.


Observation platform, basically, closed only in some windows you can push the camera, so that a tripod with a can not drag, expand it there will be no place.


Looking down on the trestle and glowing spiers of skyscrapers, one is struck that recently this place was a desert.


Forms — not to say that just so very great, but the feeling of being in the highest building in the world is doing its work. At the bottom of the artificial lake in the visible structure of the fountain, watching view from the top is also quite interesting.


From above you can estimate the scale and size of the largest shopping mall in the world — Dubai mall.


Left — to finish building the hotel «The Address the BLVD» height of 370 meters, on its 72 floors will house as prestigious apartments that stand empty for a long time obviously will not.


The hotel «The Address Downtown» and wants to shoot once more, very photogenic skyscraper. And around in the downtown is still in full swing construction.


On the opposite shore of the lake built prestigious residence towers. The words «prestigious» and «luxury» in the area at all relevant to almost everything.


The cost of building a fountain made according to the official statement of the company «Emaar» about 218 million dollars. For the first time I saw the view of the fountain just above, and then later watched a few times with the water level at the foot of the Burj Khalifa.


Tons of water per second surging into the air with powerful pumps and nozzles above the hundred meters, injectors expense of hinge supports an effect of dancing jets. Fascinating spectacle from both angles, right on top of three laps of the fountain looked compare exploding stars or disclose exotic flowers.


Photograph below the Burj Khalifa, so that the entire skyscraper went into the frame, it is not so simple.


And finally a few more shots of the night city, taken on the road along the highway Sheikh Ziyad.


Just after sunset, when the thermometer dipped to at least 31-33 degrees, it was something to shoot, but the forces on it is almost no choice.


At this my stories about Dubai end until until transplant during the flight somewhere to Asia, I do not get out into the city something else to shoot. And on «At The Top — SKY» you can look in the daytime, too. Keep it locked!

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