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[:RU]How not to die from eating in Asia and Africa. Tips that can save your life and health[:]

[:RU]Each time, returning home safe and sound from the countries of Asia and Africa, I am thankful for the fact that once again everything went without health consequences. In these regions, it is critical to come to power very seriously and to remember that the error can not only lead to protracted diarrhea, and even cost lives in some cases. In the absence of any sanitary control, coupled with poverty and the reluctance of sellers to throw out spoiled food, surprises await you at every turn. Also remember that slip stale tourist product — it is common practice, because you — «one-time» customer, they are more of you will not meet. A podbrodivshuyu pork do not want to throw away. And only your common sense and caution will avoid hassles like cholera, dysentery, hookworm, clonorchiasis, schistosomiasis, and many others. For myself, I brought a few simple rules to reduce the risks to a minimum, though not eliminate 100% of these «little things» like diarrhea:

1. The main danger — water. It is there that the most various infections, and it is through her parasites get fresh vegetables at your table. No less dangerous in the form of water ice that you put them in a glass of soft drink. How do you know where they got water? Really seriously believed that they buy it in bottles when next ordinary water, or simply river. The moral for tropical countries of Asia and Africa: no soft drinks, no ice, no fresh fruits and vegetables. Only hot food cooked before your eyes. About drinking water from the tap, I hope it is not necessary to mention? No way. Only bottles of mineral water. Even brushing your teeth, it is desirable from a bottle, and in some places — and wash, too, for example in Bangladesh. Buying water, always check the bottle firmly closed — in India, it is common practice to pour into a bottle of tap water and serve as a pure spring, especially in tourist areas.

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2. Tabasco perform two important functions: first, they are surely in some way kill germs, and secondly, and this is much more important — conceal the taste of spoiled product that you do not have guessed that your meat portions day lying in the hot sun.

3. Do not eat where there is no access to running water and toilets. The explanation is simple: where do you think the owner of the tray washing dishes, if there is no water? That’s right, he and a small tank liters 10. vodichku it saves to last until the evening. So do not wash the dishes or wash the bad. Then the chef is, sorry, poop. They are tempted by saving water, and then the same hands nakadyvayut you food. This is not to mention the fact that you would not be superfluous to wash their hands before eating.

4. Toilets — a separate and important issue. It was there (besides water), the highest risk of catching an infection. I will call a spade a spade: in the countries of Asia and Africa zasrat toilets and are a source of infection of a salad. In these countries, many are in your gut different stuff, like parasitic worms, respectively minimized hit on his hands and Intimacy of your body particles of feces of other people. What, you do not touch other people’s shit? You are mistaken. The door opened in the toilet, flush touched, held on to the wall? Congratulations. Before you touch the door handle sick schistosomiasis or even cholera. Personally, I always prefer to relieve themselves in the open field than in a public toilet.

5. Whenever possible, eat where you see a lot of locals (not tourists), it is a sure sign that the institution has a good reputation and the risk of departure here is minimal. Never, I repeat — never eat in places where there is a menu in Russian, it is absolutely 99% a sign that they have experience in dealing with compatriots, and therefore: miscalculation, deception, poor quality food.

6. The stereotype comes from the Soviet Union about alcohol, fleeing from any origin and replaces any medication — nonsense. The theory that alcohol getting into the blood you kill cholera bacteria in the blood — does not hold water. Alcohol will not help you, even when the simplest of poisoning, for intoxication has occurred, the infection is already in your blood. All this talk, they say, drank a glass of vodka and recovered — is nonsense. Any doctor will explain these things to you in detail.

You may ask me, and I always follow his own advice? I confess, not always, but only in 95% of cases. Traveling through Asia, just a week ago, I bought a few times on the street life-giving water melons, pineapples, or even once bought soy pellets. Unfortunately, no one gave me a hand for such irresponsible behavior. But rest assured that if we find ourselves with you in the same company, then I’ll hand the same burst, if you reach for a «yummy» —

These wings are all day under the scorching sun, where even in the shadow of 41 degrees. As you schitate that could happen with the meat in the evening? It will deteriorate. And it overwhelm peppers to hide the rot —

Around vengeance shuruyut buses and trucks, and all the dust and dirt fly on cakes —

Dishes are not washed and wiped —

Photo with a sweet innocent little water? You are wrong! It is a gesture, not a photo. Not only is the water scoop bucket of dirty (in the best case, in a bucket of water from the tap, in the worst — of the river), so also common glass, the day of his lips touched hundreds of people —

The process of washing dishes with no running water. This bucket all day washing dishes, glasses and spoons —

Another eatery where I would not recommend is. Unsanitary and washing dishes on the dirt floor in the basin —

Bazaar with fresh meat. Provis day out of the refrigerator, it will certainly begin to deteriorate —

Sugar cane juice, I love it, but it was too dumb to drink it here. They obviously never washed unit —

Tin, for what it is. Hands on the pavement —

No comments —

Incidentally, at the bottom it’s not so bad! The kid is preparing pies on fire, it is much better than even the most fresh vegetables washed in the river —

All terribly keen, on the one hand is good, but on the other — suspicious.

So I «lohanulsya» sit and drink definitely delicious juice on the streets of Hanoi. Even with ice. Where washed squeezed fruit and washed in principle? To complete the picture lacks only go to the toilet and wash your hands —

After lying for several hours at 41 in the shade, the fish takes a special relish —

Guys, be careful and travel will bring you joy!

Like it? I need your opinion about what I do and what I write. Your comment — best estimate of my work. Let’s talk more!


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