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[:RU]How does the locomotive depot[:]

[:RU]Each railway fans have a dream — to visit the holy of holies, the locomotive depot. This is a reserved place in which to perform maintenance and repair of locomotives. To get there, not everyone can. I offer you today a virtual tour of the largest locomotive depot of South Western Railway.

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In 1914, at the station. Korosten-Podolsky was built roundhouse locomotive depot at 12 stalls, workshops and a smithy. It took more than 100 years, has to be seen on the highways of locomotives and Korostensky Depot expanded and became the largest in the South-Western Railway. Now here are serviced locomotives, came to replace the steam monsters.

1. Art. Korosten-Podolsky is located in the same area of ​​the city, on the edge.

2. Depot attributed several types of rolling stock. 2TE116 — mainline freight locomotive, its modern modifications are made in Lugansk so far.

3. Korostenya attributed to 8 of these machines, all produced more than 2000 thousand copies, which are still in operation from the Baltic Sea to the Pacific Ocean

4. Walk to the shops. The biggest shop the largest depot — diesel trains

5.Zdes repaired and upgraded diesel model train DR1A

6. These machines are made on, almost late now, Riga Carriage Works from 1963 to the mid-90s.


8. DR1A-260. Here are servicing all 19 diesel trains YUZZHD.

9. Including diesel train chief road


11. At the same time service can pass 18 cars (the number of cars in the diesel trains can range from 2 to 6).

12. Unlike other rolling stock diesel trains equipped with disc brakes



15. The power plant is presented DR1A diesel engine M-756B production Leningrad plant «Zvezda»


17. Traction generators, they convert mechanical energy locomotive diesel engine into electrical energy coming to the traction motors.

18. In rail transport, unlike car, the wheels are coupled. This design is called, respectively, and wheelset.


20. Trolley. Serves to transfer the weight of a body rolling on the road.

21. The repair shop diesel engines

22. The repair shop locomotives M62

23. M62 — Utility locomotive, just 42 years of production (from 1965 to 2007) was issued more than 3,000 sections

24. Locomotives of this series can be found from Cuba to North Korea

25. For 50 years, these locomotives are leading passenger traffic on the highways of our country.

26. Total YUZZHD operates about 100 sections of these machines

27. More recently, there have mounted a semi-automatic line for the recovery of large crankshafts

28. The next workshop — wheel

29. There are refacing and repair of wheel sets from all over the road. Even part of the production from Kiev moved here, because so economically advantageous


31. The machine for turning wheelsets

32. Turning made in cases of wear of the rolling surface of the wheels or ridges wheelset



35. Weight wheelset more than 2.5 tons.

36. The layout, in order to examine in detail all the depot is not enough for one day.

37. But not all objects are inside the depot shops

38. The panels painted the whole story lokomotivschikov, from the inception to the present day

39. Our depot — our pride!

40. The railroad came to town with a population of 2.5 thousand in 1902 during the construction of the Kiev-Kovel F / A. That railroad revived the once destroyed gorod.Dlya comparison, now lives in Korosten 65,000 people.


42. «Shoulder» PM-7 (approx. PM — traction part, locomotive depot)

43. Here it is worth almost last in Vladimir Ilyich

44. The model facility

45. But the most interesting is the base stock

46. ​​It advocates the retired from work rolling stock

47. DR1A-260

48. DR1A-253

49. Some cars have just never go out on the trails.

50. Entry to the base stock is still not a sentence, by increasing the amount of work these locomotives will be able to return to the steel line.

51. Recently, however, the amount of work is rapidly decreasing.

52. A relatively new 2M62-1152 1986 release already gathering dust on BR and VL8 release 1950 continue to surf our homeland.



55. Fuel prices have made these series in the «corpse», more work was broadcast on electrified branch


57. But the diesel train DR1A-156 is quite a work

58. He is just waiting for the next flight here sadly looking at the dying fellow

59. And this is interrupt number was 2M62-1442, and became in 1150



62. 1,000th 2TE116

63. pathetic, dozens of cars started to move idle and rusting, gradually sinking into oblivion.



66. Moving deeper into the enterprise. Fuel depots.

67. Supply Base. Here diesel fueling.

68. Burnt car DR1P-0704 adapted for drying wood

69. The item of equipment. Here locomotives run by sand

70. shunting locomotive number 5005 with happy too idle.

71. Some locomotives even less fortunate

72. Just box on wheels, all the innards removed. 2M62-1106

73. The next workshop — shunting, here make repairs shunting locomotives CHME3. CHME3-5336

74. CHME3-3503 during repair

75. Diesel Series CHME3 made in Czechoslovakia at the factory CKD, only 7459 cars were built, making it the most common locomotive in the world.


77. More than a decade locomotives of this series will run on steel tracks, for a more reliable locomotive still could not.

78. Suburban, pushing, export, freight, passenger train … which just does not enter «chmuhi»


80. On inspection of the depot, I spent half a day to shoot over 2000 images, it was not easy to choose the best. I hope you enjoyed it, until next time!

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