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[:RU]The main aggressor countries in the history of mankind.[:]


World history can be represented as the history of warfare. They followed the geopolitical interests, often the aggressor countries led offensive war, ignoring the principles of international law and existing peace agreements.
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Ancient Rome
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«To kill and rob, they called a liar by the word» sovereignty «, and when the country will turn into a desert, it is called the world.» Characterized the Roman Brythonic leader Calgacus in the work of Tacitus’ Agricola. » From the descendants of enslaved peoples of Romulus and indeed often treated cruelly. For example, after the capture of the capital of the sworn enemies — Carthage (146 BC) the city was razed to the ground, the inhabitants sold into slavery, and all soil sprinkled with salt, so that there is nothing more growing. The Roman Forum was the ancient temple of Janus, the door of which is traditionally kept open in a time of war and closed in times of peace. Over the 482 years of the Roman Republic is short-lived sanctuary was closed only twice; his first long shutter only when the first emperor Octavian Augustus, at the beginning of our era. By the time the state, start with a small insurance policy on the Tiber, seized the territory around the Mediterranean.
The Mongol Empire
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At the peak of the power of the empire Genghis covers 38 million square feet. kilometers — just one and a half times less than the entire area of ​​Eurasia. And the enormous expansion — from several Mongol ulus to pool the four oceans — took about 50 years: the case unprecedented in human history. Contemporaries not hit bloodlust nomads (few stand out against the mores of the era), and rationality, «rationality» of their cruelty. So, in 1232, after the conquest of Northern-Jin Empire, a Mongol nobleman offered Khan Ugadei kill all its inhabitants and destroy all the city. For what? That the country is overgrown with grass on which to graze horses — the basis of Karakorum force. Chinese officials, fortunately, managed to dissuade Khan from such an idea, promising many riches to be gained by exploiting the sedentary population. However, during the war with the Mongols number of residents of the state of Jin really terribly reduced from 45 to 5 million people.
Great Britain
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On the British Empire in the literal sense, the sun did not — for the simple reason that its colonies were located in all time zones of the Earth. British scientists have calculated that the British troops (pardon the pun!) Invaded almost every state now exists. According to Stuart Laycock, Anglo-Saxon aggression has ever been subjected to the territory of 171 out of 193 countries, was held today at the UN. In addition to armed interventions in the struggle for geopolitical dominance London has never disdain and «black» methods, preferring to act by proxy. For instance, most historians believe that the conspiracy to assassinate Paul I in March 1801 was prepared with the active participation of the British Ambassador Whitworth, in order to prevent a rapprochement between Russia and Napoleonic France.
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German ruling class, educated on the ideas of German nationalism, is guilty of the most terrible catastrophe of the XX century — the First and Second world war, death povlёkshih about one hundred million people. German offensive is often accompanied by senseless cruelty — for example, in 1941, during the Battle of Moscow, miners SS Division «Reich» blew up the Cathedral of the Resurrection New Jerusalem Monastery (the crime, along with the massive genocide, featured on Nyurnberskom Tribunal).
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In 2004, the Congressional Research Service has tried to establish the total number of armed conflicts in which ever participated in the United States. If we add to these estimates and recent events (such as operation «Serval» -2013, when the US Air Force was assisted by the French during the war in Mali) — get an astronomical figure of 261 an act of «aggression» (or, depending on our sympathies, «defense of democracy») around the world. That is, on average, since independence in 1776 the United States each year shelled or bombed anyone outside their own borders. Of course, not all of these precedents are comparable in scale to the Vietnam War, where for 7 years «stars and stripes» lost only killed more than 60 thousand. Its citizens. Most of the awesome list — local «mission». Like «Operation Praying Mantis» April 18, 1988, when the Americans took a couple of Iranian oil platforms in the Persian Gulf, while losing attack helicopter with two pilots. One only Cuba West Point graduate invaded half a dozen times (1822, 1898, 1906, 1912, 1917, 1961), as well as at least twice (1933, 1959) at the last moment refused to similar transactions.
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Frankly, yes, in the history of Russia there were cases when our country is the aggressor. For example, the Livonian War, eventually ending in failure. However, at each offensive campaign of the Russian army had 8 defensive. We reflect a bloody invasion of Pechenegs Polovtsian Mongol Horde, Swedes, Poles, Turks, French, Germans … with terrible loss of life, in its own territory. «From now on … girl with a wallet full of gold can drive around the state from end to end, without losing honor or property» — an aphorism sounded and Rome, and the Mongol Empire. Is this the reward for years of war, accompanying the expansion?


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