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[:RU]Dutch fort in Galle, Sri Lanka[:]

[:RU]Port city of Galle — the capital of the Southern Province of Sri Lanka. According to some historians, it is consistent with the Old Testament city of Galle Tarshish from which King Solomon took out Lankan gems and ivory. The main attraction of Galle Fort is granite, which is the largest surviving to the present day fortress in Asia, which was created by European colonizers.

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By the way, the fort was built in the 17th century, the Dutch, but this place is very few times passed over from one to the other European colonizers, from the Portuguese and ending with the British.

Inside was not very crowded, by the way, in the foreground of a local, who took us on a tuk-tuk from Hikkaduwa in Halle, but still had a small tour:

Even now, the remains of walls look quite reliable:

However, not everywhere:

Clock tower in the fort:

She also near:

Probably around the world love to write on the walls, even if it is a monument protected by UNESCO:

Inside the fort is a separate town, and also, as elsewhere in the country, some buildings battered time, while others shine with new roofs:

A passing monk:

View of the lighthouse, on the left you can see the mosque:

From the fortress offers an excellent view of the cricket pitch. This game in Sri Lanka are very fond of:

Several species of the fortress:

Small «stone» in the sea:

Near the fort was found Hindu temple under construction. Each of the two buildings abundantly covered with various figures than me and he drew:

Few details:

Before leaving Halle, it was decided to look no local market:

In addition to fruits, which are traded across Sri Lanka, then sell and seafood:

Odour certainly appropriate:


Walked a little to Halle, it was decided to go further, because the plans were to visit on this day a few more interesting places.

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