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[:RU]How does the drip irrigation in Israel.[:]

[:RU]Israel is considered a pioneer in the field of drip irrigation. Since water is not enough, the system allows for the most efficient use of precious water, besides adding fertilizer to obtain high yield.

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But now it does not go about it, and, as promised, on greening the desert as an example of one, a single piece of land in one of the southern cities of Israel. With the help of this notorious drip irrigation.

These grooves are stacked pipe sections sprinkler irrigation system turf to be on top of the bed.

Well, pipes are laid, the ground leveled, it is possible to lay sod or tubes for drip irrigation in places where the flowers will be planted according to a plan of bizarre landscape designer.

But it yourself flexible hoses with a dropper, equalizing the flow of water along the entire length of the hose. Dozens, hundreds of meters of stabilized polyethylene tubes are stacked in neat rows, from which water will flow to certain small doses directly into the root zone of plants.

As the saying goes, you can watch endlessly at three things — like flowing water, fire burns and someone working. And the guys are working, despite the heat, quickly. Accustomed!

At the same time laid turf. Why the time is to lose?

That’s already laid tube. Rovnenko so. While the guys are working, I will talk about the benefits of drip irrigation. Firstly, water is supplied to all plants uniformly and in the same amount.

When watering the plant leaves not be wetted and hence reduces to a minimum the spread of fungal diseases.

Since the aisles remain dry, they do not become overgrown with weeds.

Here’s another dёrnoukladchik. At the same time sunbathing.

It should be noted that once made, the system provides irrigation for a long time, saving labor costs, but because of slow water supply, energy saving.

With an average size of 0.5 mm openings bandwidth from 1 to 8 liters per hour.

The system also includes various kinds of connecting and valves — fittings, caps, tees, angles, etc.

Tube gently bend around each tree, because once they deviate a little like a tree dies hot Middle Eastern summer.

Special clamps tightly pressed drip tube to the ground.

And here is the hole dug under the flowers. Similarly, after a certain distance (gardeners hello!).

Sprouts planted. Do not see what so small. Since the root system develops in this case better after some time on this site will be a continuous floral carpet.

It’s a bit of a different series. Circular sprinklers in the «quiet» state. Almost invisible to the eye.

And in all of its combat power.

Lawn bed, watered, planted flowers.

Take the city!

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