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[:RU]Walk in Dresden.[:]

[:RU]From Dresden I got immediately. There is a type of cities, and, in fact, the same type of people. About them, they say: Well, in general, they do, on the one hand. On the other — in general, nothing special. So usually speak about me. I know, I overheard in the toilet. So in that we like Dresden, we are both, in general, nothing. Although at first sight you can not, at least for me for sure. And we both for someone not of particular interest. Dresden was razed during the Second World War. Well, I’ll destroy themselves diligently alcohol, women and existential reflections. Well here is not to compare? In general, it is necessary to take on the future of this technique — comparing themselves with one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. Helps raise self-esteem.

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Unlike me, Dresden now appears in all its glory. City cycling, running in the morning, going to lectures. I’m doing the same thing, but in my dreams. And he — he does it in fact.


I’m incredibly wrong Dresden — I confess at once, on the banks of the Elbe. The phrase «city-remake» scares tourists and other animals. I myself was not quite sure, sitting on the bus Dresden-Prague. But an hour later saw the way in the hands of the Chinese traveler, sitting in front, volume Bulgakov in English. «Master and Margarita» was listed on the cover. I immediately felt the Master and Margarita Dresden presented. And then just fidgeted impatiently on the seat, in anticipation of this meeting. Except for me on the bus seats fidgeting about twenty students. In our bus could easily produce electricity.


From the train station to the city center — ten minutes on foot. With a Russian passport in his pocket — fifteen. Five minutes I spend on-seed and photographing strange old man with a Soviet flag. He did not like the Kantara, but also had a banner with confidence. However, it is not excluded, it was such an extravagant way to get acquainted with the ladies. Ladies flew a red flag, like moths to a light bulb.


The most beautiful in Dresden — it Frauenkirche. Sort pompushka, solid, and at the same time unreal air. Not my type, I confess immediately. But here I was struck on the spot. She was too self-confident, this lush beauty. Well, how can a man in front of a stand?


Like almost the whole city, the church was destroyed by air raids during the Second World War. I have never understood this. People are fighting with people, and the innocent suffer building. At the site of the buildings I would have to organize a union.


Seventy years passed, and the city is reduced to now. That’s, like, where the Germanic tribes, and where my contemporaries? Among them several hundred years, and the ruins and after those, and after another look the same. While, on the other hand, some Roman desecrated shrines, others defile themselves Andrey Malakhov and Grigory Leps. It seems that we have gone too far from golozadyh ancestors.


My mouth opened involuntarily when I went inside. And, in my opinion, and was not closed. So I went with an open mouth at the church. I do not know whether it is a sin, in theology I am not strong. Inside the Frauenkirche in the same pompous, air and beautiful as the outside. Perhaps the Crusades in order and have been organized to share this beauty with the world. And swords and crossbows — so, for the credibility of the military people in rhetoric and eloquence are not strong.


Smoke, listen to chansons and shoot inside the church can not be what warning signs forbidding. And if the first two bans I agree, that the latter could not agree more strongly. Roughly the same thought, and most of the visitors, periodically pulling out from under the floor their phones and «Soap.» I gladly joined this photo anarchy. Staff yawned, sidelong glances, but said nothing. In the eyes could read: do not listen to chanson, yeah, okay.


With the Frauenkirche dome overlooking the Elbe and slender all city attractions. The old center of Dresden is small, and it is here as the palm.


Climb to review urban area has already become my habit. At this altitude, everything is perceived differently — people look like ants, cars — on matchboxes. At this altitude, nice reflection. For example, the conquest of the world.


It is a pity that such moments do not last long, and the harsh reality overtakes below. At the exit of the church in the nose hit twang horses. I like some horses. But my nose — not really, here we have not yet found a common language with the nose. I was awarded a sensitive nose parents. Apparently realizing this, my horses as a child they did not give.


Horses here, of course, for the atmosphere. No, not for that of which I wrote above. And for the fabulous and romantic atmosphere. Atmosphere of romance catch the tail in Dresden is easy. That’s got to meet Rapunzel.


But someone’s pedigree. Once upon a time, I would imagine a draw, but in the Institute of World History is available to me to explain that I am not a descendant of Alexander the Great. Guides in one voice say that this is the biggest porcelain panels in the world, almost injured in the bombing of the city. Here Mazilu Krivorukov! That is, I would say it’s a miracle, of course.


But past the Zwinger not missed. This palace complex was also recovered from the ruins. Externally you could not tell that a remake. As the Frauenkirche, the Zwinger unreal beautiful and do not want to get out of here. But there was something I was interested in their own personal feelings and bought up on a useful and practical information. The toilet is located in that building over there on the right, behind the fountain, if you look closely, there blackens the open doorway.


Well the truth is beautiful. Zwinger, not the toilet, of course.



Outside the old city of Dresden and seems small provincial town. Dad with baby carriages and harmless messy teenagers, hidden from the outside world for big headphones. No, if I really get around to conquer the world, it will not be difficult.


I usually hunt with Cameras for girls. Girls notice, blush, pose, but do not run away. But svobodolyubimaya Europe corrupts, and now I have rented the boys. On camera, of course. Boys, unlike girls, noticing the camera, do not blush. But also pose.


Almost every city I’m trying to find the roots. Russian soul, as we know, sadly without birches, vodka and Putin. In Dresden Russian roots sticking out everywhere. Practically, at each corner. If you do not find a Russian roots, the Ukrainian notice for sure.


Tripped on the curb, and now this sign.


Well, probably not worth remembering that in Dresden for some time served as a low lieutenant colonel, who now runs the world’s largest country. And all that this country has recently been looking for. However, I was interested in was a very different master, for some time lived in Dresden. Say what you like, and Dostoevsky — our all. After Pushkin and Tolstoy. But in the top three for sure. It is noteworthy that he had to live in the city where I was born — in Novokuznetsk, and even get there next wife. The house where the writer lived, however, burned, and in the area now sell drugs Roma. We can say, Dostoevsky now hovering there in the air. As for me, I fell in love with this writer after reading «The Idiot». One for me is not clear who is who haunts, I Dostoevsky, or he me.


Later in the afternoon the streets of Dresden began to empty. And the bars and restaurants on the contrary — to grow. German national team played with the national team of Ghana at the World Cup. Not sure it’s worth more to explain.


Once upon a time, back in my childhood I was fond of football. And because I was smarter than some of their sversnikov, always rooting for the German national team. It was very convenient, if anyone was losing team in Germany, it is only the Brazilian national team. For Brazil was sick a couple of my classmates. So I was in the classroom is not the smartest.


But this time, the Germans broke all in rags. Including Brazilians. I had long been watching a football match so happy as before. But it was nice. Petrov and Onoshko you out in the cold!


There is a type of cities, and a very similar type of people. Here’s a look at a glance — nothing special. It seems plain, unremarkable. And in order to know them better, you need to try to look deeper inside. In this we are like Dresden. I did not expect so much. And the truth after all, nothing special, on the one hand. On the other: once in the both of us get on Dostoevsky and football.

Like it? I need your opinion about what I do and what I write. Your comment — the best estimate of my work. Let’s talk more![:]

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