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[:RU]An abandoned hotel on the island.[:]

[:RU]A long time since we have not raised the topic of magic abandoned. It is no secret that there is a whole new trend seekers and photographers who specialize in abandoned, but not so long ago used objects. Discarded things, and the nature of the web, to get to previously inaccessible areas. Here it is magic.

Now let’s look at a Japanese hotel on the island …

terraoko-2015022888 (3)


Photo 2.

Hachijō, Tokyo-dzima- Japanese volcanic island in the Philippine Sea. The island is 287 kilometers south of Tokyo, special districts, and refers to the archipelago Izu, which is controlled by the administration of Tokyo. Also Hachijojima Airport is part of the National Park Fuji-Hakone-Izu National Park.


Photo 3.

The hotel was abandoned in 2005

Photo 4.

They say that the reason that the island itself is not popular, typhoons constantly raid, in connection with what is often cancellation or long delay of flights …

Photo 5.

Please note that the hotel does not look so bad, since it is located on the island and is not available for home visits and looting. And then, it’s still Japan …

Photo 6.

Photo 7.

Photo 8.

Photo 9.

Photo 10.

Photo 11.

Photo 12.

Photo 13.

Photo 14.

Photo 15.

Photo 16.

Photo 17.

Photo 18.

Photo 19.

Photo 20.

Photo 21.

Photo 22.

Photo 23.

Photo 24.

Photo 25.

Photo 26.

Photo 27.

Photo 28.

Photo 29.

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