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[:RU]How do Arsenyevsky candy.[:]

[:RU]Popularity Arsenyevsky pastes recent years is clearly gaining momentum. In Moscow, it is known and loved for many. In the Belev keep pace, eventually one of Muscovites have sympathy enough to not reduce the activity. The secret is hard to say. Perhaps it gained popularity in the ‘farm’ products and general healthy eating. For many, it becomes the discovery that pasnila — not some sugary white bars with the nearest candy factory, and a long-standing Russian delicacy consisting of natural products: apples sour varieties, sugar (to make candy with honey, to put it mildly, is unprofitable, except that only itself), egg whites. And, for example, berry pulp, if it is of pastes with different flavors: cranberries, mountain ash, raspberry, currant. On the one hand, it seems like a fairly simple technology, on the other — not once heard about Arsenyevsky grandmothers jealously guarded secrets of the famous delicacy.

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Who celebrities, now, Kolomna or Arsenyevsky paste — insipid dispute, but on the side of Kolomna, of course, and proximity to the capital, and a huge tourist traffic. Not so long ago we even could not risen close to the shop where they sold there the candy that generally true for many places in Kolomna at the weekend. However, in the summer of Epiphany at the fair I was standing in a long queue for Arsenyevsky Pastilla — not one other outlets have not seen in such a rush that day. People know, people love.

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At one time in the «Russian Reporter» came out a whole article about Arsenyevsky pastes. Was it when on this product knew very little people. The article tells about some guys, it seems, from the group «Ladybird» or something like that, that carries a treat in Moscow for sale. He was purchased from local grandmothers who chli tradition and strongly guarded secrets of making. The conspiracy was that it is necessary, though some contraband. We had to negotiate through a network of agents grandmothers to get the coveted under the counter. Now times have changed a bit: the grandmother apparently were all well-revered and guarded, but the market has come to this region. With pastes in Belev, they say, flooded. At the entrance to the city on the way there were traders pastes and the choice, they say, is — from the factory to your home (from the very Arsenyevsky grandmothers). Moreover, firms in the city and «Vikings». Arsenyevsky you or Arsenyevsky, and if you know how to build the case, then you will win. In general, the grandmothers had to step aside.

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Belev, in general, this is not some you Odoev. There’s even something which has a production and from the cities it has not yet been demoted. The town stands on the Oka and the road from the already mentioned Odoev it opens incredibly picturesque: meadows, pretty steep banks of the Oka, which is still quite small river, domes of churches. It is surrounded by apple orchards and experts, of course, say that such an amazing candy can be obtained only from local apples. Radicals and did say that pastes fit only the local Antonov apples, and proteins probably only from the testes of local chickens fit. With sugar easier. Although, if the old-fashioned, with honey, then all product would be «Arsenyevsky clean.» Although the word sugar is still necessary to find, on the boxes to indicate pastes composed exclusively molasses.

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Generally boom pastes for Belev not new. It can be said, the Renaissance. Once upon a time (now it is difficult to imagine) Oka here was navigable, and Belev was a large marina, which went through a significant flow of goods. For navigation through the marina held byolee thousand ships. Trade in the province Belev ranked second after Tula. In other words, the city was noticeable. In 1888. industrialist and merchant Ambrose Prokhorov opened in Belyov fire-cured production of fruits and vegetables. Brought him fame generated from Antonov apples Belevsky candy, successfully sold throughout the European part of Russia and its predelami.Za season in an institution Prokhorov was made up to 700 pounds of marshmallows. Harvest from the garden, and bought up in Belyov and surrounding villages fruits and vegetables Prokhorovs processed on the drying. Masters made marmalade, figs (something like fruit and berry jelly). But the most popular enjoyed apple paste which was prepared from Antonov apples with sugar and egg whites. To paste was more flavorful, for heating furnaces were selected wood of old fruit trees: apple or pear. To check quality candy or not, had only to put pressure on top of a finger. If the paste «into place» — means the product is good.

Here, by the way, for the atmosphere:

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I do not know if anyone pulls now in Belev blanket over himself, they say, our most vzapravdashny candy, but there seems to be enough room for all, and his mouth off like cakes. A few weeks ago, I was able to visit one of the manufactures pastes — a small factory. The bus was nowhere to Antonovsky apples fall and I so understand, with the filling on this tour is no problem can not be — a lot of wishing (ah, if at least part of the hype would Nerehta …).

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The factory is small, there is nothing and no excess. The guys who started all this, moved from the Tver region, it seems from Selizharovo (by the way, in Selizharovsky District also recently established a «voluptuous» case — the release of preserves and jams). Business-looking like small, but look how extensively presented their range in the same Moscow. Have cut, packed and went candy in the country. No extra people and movements.

Most of the very small team — the girls.

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We waited for tasting, where they could rasprobovat wide range of products. To be honest, most of all to my taste classic candy apples, without there kivey and pineapples. But it is clear that the market dictates the conditions, and a number needed to diversify. Do not just candy, and jelly, marmalade, marshmallows, crackers delicious apples.
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The process seems simple. Here whipped egg whites and apples.

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Has received a fantastic taste. It seems it is already possible to do nothing and just enjoy this delicacy infinitely.

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However, on the resulting mixture was poured into trays and equate natural spatula!
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Then drying. Obtained by and large cakes like the ones they sell in stores for cakes. Only from apples.

 terraoko-2015022807 (8) terraoko-2015022807 (9)  
Then it all promazyvayut another layer, so candy and looks — colored layers.

 terraoko-2015022807 (10)


terraoko-2015022807 (12)

terraoko-2015022807 (13)



Then cut. They say that only women can do it carefully, the peasants nonsense way out.

terraoko-2015022807 (14)


terraoko-2015022807 (15)

 Agitate I certainly will not. But if you still have not tried … Fortunately in Moscow to find candy is simple enough, and you can choose from several manufacturers. For example, I took in Belev and another pound «with hands» (though not yet tried). And even this is a good gift. Besides, the doctor went together chocolates or a bottle.

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In general, this candy can try to reproduce and to — recipes online are available. And in the context of constantly uncollected rotting apples in the fall in many parts of the country, candy has the potential to «shoot» and in other lands (winks at you, Khvalynsk, and the same Rzhev and all should return to its former glory in this field).


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