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[:RU]How to live in a prosperous village in Burma?[:]

[:RU]I warn you, this post will be going wild level of wealth and luxury. I’ll show you a real pearl of Southeast Asia — Burma prosperous village.

How is it that in a country where most of the population lives on $ 5 a month there was this oasis of beauty and glamor? Very simple: a day in Bagan worth a hell of a tough heat and sunshine (even in winter). Tourists languishing in idleness and boredom, waiting for the evening. Local realized that worthless they roll around and began to entice the curious to his home for a small price. Over time, the business began to take systematic and advanced Burmese began to open small handicraft production. There were souvenir shops, home stores and stuff like that. Income from tourists settle in the village and in recent years, when the flow of tourists in Burma has grown enormously, residents than not remarkable village healed in a big way.

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Typically, for a tour with tourists tear up as much as five dollars, but today I will spend my readers it for free. Walk — so to walk!

We approach the Burmese Barvikha. On the way there the first «rich»:


Golden youth:


Amazing hedge of cactus. Burmese wealthy can afford gardening Art:


Beauty cactus decorated with wet clothes erasure:


Our guide — energetic young woman on maternity leave:


We go first to the residence hostess. Huge, huge hall, where could easily spend the night half the village. Wooden tables handmade reed chairs and a truly royal «poltorashka» for an afternoon nap:


Collection of family photographic paintings:


Escape from the bustle of the streets can be on the second floor of the mansion Burmese. Now here is arranged playpen. Another tier above is the master bedroom, as well as the subject of exclusive luxury — room for the dressing:


Heir of wealth:


Kitchen brought out on the structure. Here is everything you can dream of Burmese woman: modern utensils, pots, firewood and convenient hooks for hanging baskets:


Bathroom is also located in a separate building. Currently Burmese SPA for discerning owners:


Preferring natural and natural, residents of the village do not deny the luxury and modern technology. In spite of their success in the tourism field, the village still can not afford electricity:


Our family has a pair of oxen. They parked in a separate garage:


Just look — what a handsome man!


Work oxen on clean bamboo cane or fuel. Dear voracious oxen, so under the reserves built a warehouse:


Feed production is right on the territory of the village:


The spent fuel is waiting to prolonged heat treatment under the sun, after which it will be suitable for agricultural and agronomic needs:


Small garden with aloe vera — a hobby of our hostess:


The village is completely absent crime and theft, so bundles of wood lying on the street:


You probably already wondering: what this woman has done such impressive capital? It turns out she has a lucrative business for the collection and preparation of betel — Asian analogue of tobacco. It is very popular in Asia tonic. If you’ve seen the photos of Asians with red teeth — that’s it is:


Bethel then consume approximately the same as in South America, coca leaves. They chew with slaked lime, which allows useful substances narcotic content be absorbed into the blood:


In addition to lime leaf pieces put betel palm seeds that provoke excessive salivation. Rounding out this tobacco Shawarma different flavors:


In practice, the bar:


«Delicious» is ready! With you 10 cents:


While we photographed betel, from across the street came an old lady:


Walk into Burmese Barvikha on. This medical clinic. A couple of years ago, Japanese tourists visited this village, and after skinuvshis, built in her clinic. And not only in this village, and in four neighboring. The truth is only one doctor for every 5 clinics. So it works one day a week in each of the hospitals. All residents already know what day of the week, the doctor will have in the village:


Again, the golden youth. Lying around all day on the belly and stare at tourists. Extravagant lifestyles:


In this family your business on weaving all sorts of trinkets: of frames, jambs and glasses. By the way, here almost every home his craft and item sales of finished products:


Another large family kitchen. Around a lot of food, even vyalitsya fish in the sun:



Dead tree with a ring. Used to park visiting oxen. As such at the time of our trip did not have, we hitched Dima Shatrova:


Another luxury home. The owner of the mansion is so rich that can afford straight walls:


We caught a rare event — the bride. Large family clan village is going to the house of the groom. Seating classical scheme: ladies in one direction, the other gentlemen:


The bride brought a bride from a neighboring village and represent her future family and neighbors:


No, this is not the bride. It is likely, someone’s future mother in law. Women’s polls in smoke some strange tube stuffed with herbs. Does anyone know what this is?


Another kitchen:


Look: this is the coolest house in the village. He has a high fence, sealed windows and two floors with a loft. It seems that here lives a local oligarch or a thug. The cost of the house can go up to fabulous by local standards 3 thousand US dollars:




It is dried in the sun, and to dry uniformly held, let the kids run:


Another local business, this time weaving:


Noticed a huge concrete cube, in which the woman is constantly carried water:


On the other hand the man held the tank water treatments:



Unlike our curved rocker Burmese drag straight stick. Apparently can not bend. So they came up with two ropes on either side to make it easier to lift and carry buckets:


A more clever residents went on:


I hope you enjoyed the tour. In the next post we will continue our journey through Burma and look at Inle Lake with a bird’s eye view. Stay Tuned!


Like it? I need your opinion about what I do and what I write. Your comment — the best estimate of my work. Let’s talk more!


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