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[:RU]What travel to Thailand?[:]

[:RU]The first transport, which I saw on arrival in Bangkok, taxis were:

terraoko-2015020805 (17)


Here in Russia, I was not used to such bright colors, we somehow all gray, especially in autumn and spring.

In Pattaya, the main public transport is a «tuk-tuk», although it is often referred to as the fat of the fat-rickshaws, but I place this same name and are converted for passenger pick-up:

In Bangkok, I met more than usual fat-tuks, motorcycles, based on:

Despite its small size, some go there with comfort:

Buses also have:

They are found mainly in Bangkok, usually also have seen buses with tourists, although it is possible that I just did not pay attention to it.

Bright colors are mainly characterized by means of public transport, ordinary people ride in cars usual color palette:

Not quite ordinary people also prefer the classics:

Of the characteristics of the vehicle can be noted tonnirovku there tonniruyut all and the blacker the better, but you can understand, the sun shines all year round.

However, the most popular vehicles in the population is, of course, a scooter:

Their number is huge, most of the sites forced by it to:

There are also more interesting pieces:

At the same time about riding helmet think a little bit, but the Russian drunk driving, I better not say anything. Locals say that for a helmet, police fines only when strongly necessary money. Penalties, of course there is not official.

The police riding on Honda:

Someone, apparently, did not deserve more:

In general, in Thailand it seems that the traffic rules in this country is not available, although many claim otherwise)) Interestingly, in spite of chaotic motion, I saw only one minor collision at all during their stay. Roads, by the way, are excellent. It is said that the king with his own money, invited experts from Japan, who for some time have repaired all the roads in the country. Now everything is modern, particularly impressive outcome in Bangkok, although the city also suffers from congestion.

Separately pleased compact filling:

Although part of the fuel sold in plastic bottles on the roadside, and refuel there basically is not gasoline, to which we are accustomed, and cheaper gasohol, consisting of a mixture of gasoline and ethanol present gasoline derived from plants. Without their oil deposits have to get out somehow.

And finally, a tuk-tuk from the beer cans, which was sold in one of the souvenir shops in Bangkok:

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