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[:RU]Of the lives of ordinary people. Karelian backwoods.[:]

[:RU]Is it possible to fall in love in two days?
You can. In Karelia definitely can.
I stayed here for only two days, but even that was enough time to clearly understand for themselves — I fell in love with this place.
And if the first day I was struck insanely beautiful winter landscapes, the second is no chance of that -What else I have left ordinary people. Simple locals, proved to be very hospitable, sociable, smiling and incredibly helpful.
The usual village postman, a saleswoman in the village shop, abusing innocent little man and a simple woman with a Finnish appearance, feed us with rustic soup wickets and cake with cranberries …

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2. Karelian village in winter — it’s something.
This Russian. I can not imagine with what other countries may have associations when you see before you a picture
Karelian backwoods people

3. Snow is so much that the village courtyards literally half hidden under the snow.
Karelian backwoods people

4. houses are narrow and often quite deep, like a trench path.
By the way, the presence or absence of such paths on the road to the house, you can definitely say, a house or thrown.
And, I must say, houses without trails in Karelia fairly a lot.
We leave our car on the road and go down the path to the house ….
By the way, the locals do not speak of «home» and «hut».
Karelian backwoods people

5. Something like familiar to all of us doorbell.
By the way, it was quite a ringing
Karelian backwoods people

6. Cenis. Here came from the street, made shake off the snow from shoes and clothing, here are pails of water, sauerkraut and pickles
Karelian backwoods people

7. On the window in the hall notice old iron on coals ….
Karelian backwoods people

8. At the invitation of the hostess Aynikki enter into an upper room.
Its decoration is quite simple and austere, but at the same time, does not seem to some poor or poor.
On windows curtains on the walls of old photographs and reproductions of paintings.
Karelian backwoods people

9. From the low ceiling hanging electric chandelier stylized old kerosene lamp hanging
Karelian backwoods people

10. The windows in the upper room a lot. This is understandable, the light in the village decided to save for a long time, when the light is still used candles and oil lamps.

In the corner there are two large tables with benches. No chairs at all
Karelian backwoods people

11. This is the kitchen. It’s simple and maximum functionality. Says Aynikki have a good housewife everything should be always at hand
Karelian backwoods people

12. Right at the entrance to the upper room studio wash basin, consisting of pails and washstand.
Karelian backwoods people

13. Instead of plates, gas boiler, radiators and beds — large oven.
In fact, in a cottage is a multifunctional device that warms and feeds, and places to sleep …
Karelian backwoods people

14. It is important to realize that the house is entirely of wood, so it is to protect the house from even the smallest random piece of coal, jumped out of the oven on the floor, so the mouth of the furnace is closed protective mesh
Karelian backwoods people

15. Freshly prepared lunch …
Karelian backwoods people

16. Aynikki pours a plate rustic soup and invites us to the table
Karelian backwoods people

17. Sasha decided to limit tea with cranberry pie, and I did not give up insanely delicious soup that here instead of eating bread with wickets.
Wickets — traditional Karelian pies baked open with a variety of fillings. For soup, for example, baked Aynikki wicket with boiled potatoes.
Karelian backwoods people

18. After dinner and a little talking to Aynikki, going way back.
Snow in Karelia really very much.
Please note the depth of the snow, at the bus stop sign can not even see the column on which he stands !!!
Karelian backwoods people

20. Hardly tronuvshis way back home from Aynikki, which stands on the edge of the village, on the road in the distance we saw the figure of a skier traveling quite briskly towards us …

21. A minute later a figure very close to us, being a teenage schoolboy, hastening from the neighboring village home from school for lunch.
At the same dinner, which 15 minutes ago Aynikki fed us, his mother …
So live here, in the Karelian village ordinary people …

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