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[:RU]Waterfall Serio[:]

[:RU]About Serio waterfall, I learned quite by accident when looking for interesting places in Lombardy, in which one would go within an hour or two from Milan. I was immediately intrigued by the information that these waterfalls are open only 5 times a year, with strictly within half an hour. «What nonsense,» — I thought — how can this be, that waterfall someone «discovers», and even a certain time «?

terraoko 2015012255 2 Waterfall Serio

If you do not read Italian, you will find the waterfall is not so simple, it is desirable to focus on the village called Valbondione, and then Maslana (it’s true, not all navigators know). If you arrive during the «discovery» of the falls, there will be signs and specially trained people will show where to go and where to park.

Maslaiev from the waterfall to walk up the hill about 45 minutes, part of the road makes it climb, so you need comfortable shoes and clothes. We ran up in about 25-30 minutes because overslept and it took more time, so we were in a hurry, trying to do before closing. It was an interesting test of endurance =).

On the way we came across a herd of sheep:

3914675 original Waterfall Serio

3915033 original Waterfall Serio

In addition there are found sheep and horses (tiger_barb, hello!)

3915599 original Waterfall Serio

At the top of the mountain, which is visible waterfall, we climbed exactly 10-30, when they have already closed, I was able to capture the recent strong jet. At this point I had decided that we should go back, for example, at night (2 times a year falls open at night), but then we went to Iceland, and the theme of waterfalls ceased to interest us in principle, I think, for a long time =).

3916052 original Waterfall Serio

Despite the end of June there is snow! I will not tell, as I climbed on it up, but it looked fun, I went home to their ears in mud and wet, if briefly. Bad head to the feet rest does not =).

3916669 original Waterfall Serio

3917267 original Waterfall Serio

3917683 original Waterfall Serio

But it was worth it — it offers views of the magic!

3918310 original Waterfall Serio

3918692 original Waterfall Serio

Serio Falls is the second highest in Europe and the highest in Italy — its height is 315 meters and it is located at an altitude of about 1700 m above sea level.

3919105 original Waterfall Serio

The history of this waterfall is very interesting — once it was completely natural and fed by the waters of the surrounding mountains, where they, in turn, came from the glacier Trobe. Over time, the glacier melted, and in the early 20th century in those parts dam was built, and the water stopped coming.

3919752 original Waterfall Serio

Since the 60s the «discovery» of the waterfall means that the company Enel opens half an hour dam and waterfall manages to do about 10 thousand cubic meters of water, providing a spectacle.

3920369 original Waterfall Serio

As with almost any other place in Italy, with a waterfall Serio and the emergence of a legend. She says that once upon a time, in a remote medieval lady of nobility fell in love with a young boy, who answered her in return, as at the time courting a girl «of the village.»

3920664 original Waterfall Serio

The lady, in a rage of unrequited love, the girl stole and hid her in a dungeon of his castle, which just sit on top of Lago del Barbellino plains, from which originated the now waterfall.

3921320 original Waterfall Serio

The girl was crying day and night, begging her to release, and at some point, her tears became so strong that turned into streams of water, that the meaning of the lock down and later became a waterfall Serio.

3921790 original Waterfall Serio

On the same day in the afternoon, we can say nothing for pains, went to Bergamo.

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