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[:RU]Tram in Sydney.[:]

[:RU]As in many major cities around the world, in Sydney tram appeared in the late nineteenth century, reached its peak in the first half of the twentieth, and then fell into decay and was closed. The last car drove here in 1961: was then considered an archaic form of transport is simply not survived the competition is gaining momentum with buses and cars. 36 years later, it became apparent that no rail transport modern city can not do, and the city authorities decided to remake the unused freight railway branch line light rail transit (LRT). Modern varieties tram commonly referred to that way to emphasize its difference from the classical (a tram is, for example, in Prague, he never closed).

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01. Sydney early XX century. Ships may not give way to the planes, so people from all over the world come to Australia only through the port. Everyday life.
Tram 01 in Sydney.

02. Major tram line connecting the port to the business center. Now it has long been closed, but on April 25 of this year to begin restoration, the rails will be held almost in the same place where they were a hundred years ago.
Tram 02 in Sydney.

03. At its peak Sydney tram network was one of the largest in the world and the second largest in the British Commonwealth of Nations, second only to London. In 1945 he moved his tram 405 million passengers and the number of concurrent cars in the twenties reached 1,600.
Tram 03 in Sydney.

04. Now of such magnificence can only dream of. From London tram happened about the same thing: the decline and closure in the mid-twentieth century, rethinking values ​​and start work on the restoration to the beginning of the twenty-first. Unfortunately, in many Russian cities is still considered inefficient mode of transport tram and go down a path that many countries have already passed more than fifty years ago.
Tram 04 in Sydney.

05. That is what is the modern Sydney tram. There is only one line, but were large stretches 12.8 miles, all on her twenty-three stations, nine of which opened in March this year. Compare with the golden age of the Sydney rail when the total length of the network is 291 km.

Tram 05 in Sydney.

06. Samih trams bit here only two models. That’s an old German Variotram he travels east to Sydney from the opening line in 1997.
Tram 06 in Sydney.

07. Sometimes the cars completely pasted over advertising.
Tram 07 in Sydney.

08. Variotramov only seven pieces, each with its own number from 2101 to 2107. Each new composition has traditionally given a serial number, count comes from the very first tram, launched in the late nineteenth century.
Tram 08 in Sydney.

09. In place of the old German wagons should come soon Spanish trams Urbos 3. Since June 2014 three of them here, with the serial numbers 2112 to 2114. In the near future should let another nine.
Tram 09 in Sydney.

10. Beauty. Pay attention to the shop Cyril right.
Tram 11 in Sydney.

11. An attentive reader probably wondering what happened to the trams with the numbers 2108, 2109, 2110 and 2111. They are no longer in Sydney. Part of the contract with the Spanish firm CAF was a temporary supply of four old trams Urbos 2, taken from lines in Velez-Malaga and Seville. They operated in a short period from March to June of last year and really liked the passengers.
Tram 10 in Sydney.

12. All the trams are low-floor, as it should be. Everywhere to pay attention to the gap between the platform and the wagon, just like the London Underground. The fact that the platform below the level of the floor rail. At each stop, there is one elevation on the platform to board the disabled, where the floor of the car and the platform at the same level. Why not make all the stops on the floor of the car — is unclear.
Tram 12 in Sydney.

13. In the cabin.
Tram 13 in Sydney.

14. Here’s a he, Sydney tram. Construction of the second line has already begun.
Tram 14 in Sydney.

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