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Celebrities who argued with Kim Kardashian

Being a celebrity is not so simple: constantly have to fight for their place under the sun. Kim Kardashian in this struggle succeeded. Conflict situations, she had more than enough.


When Beyonce was bathed in the glory of Kim nobody knew. Secret envy of more successful friend telediva motivated to strive for success. Kardashian persistently developed its TV shows and personal brand. «Beyonce never liked Kim. She tries not to show open hostility. When they intersect, the BBC is trying to quickly finish a labored dialogue. Their own — solid awkward pauses «- describes the relationship between the stars Portal Page Six.

Celebrities who argued with Kim Kardashian

Source publication noted that Bay liaised with the chosen exclusively from Kanye West polite about any friendship that Kim Kardashian painted in the imagination, out of the question. Fuel to the fire poured their husbands. In November 2016, during a concert, Jay-Z turned to Kanye, indignant his biased attitude to Beyonce. The end of the war was laid in 2017 at the wedding of a mutual friend of celebrities Serena Williams. Eyewitnesses confirmed that Kim and Beyonce’s nice to communicate and share photos kids.

Taylor Swift

Celebrities who argued with Kim Kardashian

In February 2016 Kanye West released Famous song, which was the line «I think we should have sex with Taylor. That I did, that this bitch has become famous. » In the same month, Swift received a «Grammy» in the category «Best Album of the Year.» In her speech, she said that in life there are always people who try to underestimate someone’s success or take credit for the achievements of others, openly hinting at Kanye. To protect her husband got Kim published in snepchate video that Kanye spoke speakerphones with Taylor. According to the record, the singer was not against the release of the song with provocative text. Moreover, she took the words of the rapper as a compliment. However, after the publication of the recording star began to deny everything. According to Taylor, she warned Kanye that he considers insulting text. «I wish we were friends. He promised to show song

Paris Hilton

Celebrities who argued with Kim Kardashian

Kim fans know that she began her career, earning a stylist Paris Hilton. In a short time between the girls he struck up a friendship. Paris took the party to the friend of and familiar with famous people. As a result, Kim began to gain popularity at a rate that about her friend-mentor forgotten. The competition brought stars to mutual insults. In an interview with Re / Code Code Mobile Kardashian said: «I’m just not the type of girls who carry dogs in purses.» Paris did not endure and the show The Howard Stern allowed herself a sharp statement: «We communicated only once, when she said on the radio that my bum cellulite, and then called and apologized. At most some — cottage cheese. » In 2018 women made up, but their communication was no longer the same as before.

Lindsey Lohan

Celebrities who argued with Kim Kardashian

Instagram-blogger Perez Hilton census photo of Kim snepchata to your page and asked subscribers opinion about her new hairstyle. Lindsay Lohan could not help and sent a negative comment. Kim replied without hesitation: «You know what the most puzzling? Your sudden foreign accent. » Apparently Kardashian hinted Lohan accent with which she spoke, after moving to London in 2016. While the actress told reporters that studies the many languages: English, French, Russian and Turkish, and Arabic. In 2017, Lohan and all moved to Dubai. It was rumored that she had gone to get out of debt.

Pamela Anderson

Celebrities who argued with Kim Kardashian

Skirmish between Pamela Anderson and Kim Kardashian took place after the 50-year-old actress and model posted on the social network photo letter addressed to the wife of Kanye West. Pam has accused Kim in a bad treatment of animals. Moreover, she asked telediva refuse products made of natural furs. «Austria, Croatia, the Netherlands, Slovenia, United Kingdom and other countries opposed the cruelty and shut all fur farm. You know that I love you, Kim. You can be a hero in the same animal, What is for all his followers, «- said Pamela. Since there was no reaction, Pamela took the unexpected decision. She sent Kim a congratulatory Christmas card and a gift — a fur coat from ekomeha.

Kourtney Kardashian

Celebrities who argued with Kim Kardashian

The scandal erupted between the sisters during the fifteenth season of their family show. Kim Courtney had called the most boring of all the participants. Moreover, she stated that he no longer wants to see his sister in the project. Disagreements began on Christmas Eve due to the fact that Courtney has not coped with the photo shoot organization. «If you had your business, you’d understand how important it is for me,» — West favored wife. Sister could not hold back emotions, and Kim called an evil man. According to the Court, she just wanted to spend time with children. In response Kardashian Sr. said it wants to move to another state.

Caitlyn Jenner

Celebrities who argued with Kim Kardashian

The rift in the relationship teledivy and her stepfather began after the release of the book «Secrets of my life.» It Caitlin told the reason for the change of sex and marriage with Kris Jenner. Kim did not like how Caitlin spoke of her mother. «So I write about despicable mother. She does not deserve such attitude. If you knew through what she went through to come to terms with many of the features and behavior of Bruce. Now Caitlin turns everything upside down and comes up with all these stories. What it is written in the book — it is an absolute lie. My heart is full of pain every time I think of all these lines of my mother «, — she said. Fortunately, the conflict was settled. Women now hold neutrality.

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