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Is coffee harmful?

Talk about the dangers of coffee carried out continuously: tachycardia, heart rate, hypertension, childhood, excitement. People in fear, but continues to drink coffee.

Is coffee a bad drink?

Put an end to strife! About the benefits and harms of coffee, says Professor and Doctor of Chemistry, Head of the Laboratory metabolomnogo and proteomic analysis FGBUN «Federal Research Center food, biotechnology and food safety,» Konstantin Eller.

«Just do not scare people. Our media write — coffee is bad. And I want to ask — where are the corpses?

Coffee — it is a traditional food product having a thousand-year history of consumption. It has a tonic effect, it stimulates the central nervous system, which is certainly positive. However, an overdose of this capacity is already a disadvantage.

When people talk about the dangers of coffee, all this applies only to overdose or people from high-risk groups, which coffee is contraindicated. But if a person has high blood pressure or heart rhythm disturbances, he just do not drink beverages with high caffeine content — and all. Man will feel it. Or if people are suffering from insomnia: evening excitement caused by a cup of coffee, will, of course, exacerbate sleep disturbances.

Excessive consumption of caffeine-containing products is not recommended for people suffering from urolithiasis. This is due to the fact that the end product of metabolism of caffeine is the uric acid in the body and creates the preconditions for the formation of uric acid kidney stones. Therefore, people with this disease are recommended to drink decaffeinated coffee and tea and a variety of herbal teas that have a long tradition of food consumption.

And for most people, who do not have obvious contraindications, the caffeine content in conventional popular beverages like coffee and tea are not harmful to health.

Caffeine is a part of many drugs, it pharmacopoeial single dose — 300 mg. Regarding weight caffeinated beverages, in one portion of caffeine should not exceed half of this dose, i.e. 150 mg.

There are many useful properties of coffee in it a large number of natural antioxidants. For example, many of chlorogenic acid, which relates to a group of hydroxycinnamic acids are powerful natural antioxidant. Coffee contains more than 1% trigonelline, nicotinic acid derivative having R-vitamin activity, positively affecting the vessels and having kapillyaroprotektornoy action. Therefore, in a sense, coffee rather useful product. Another thing is, once again, the inadmissibility of an overdose contraindications and individual. But for consumer products, alas, do not write about contraindications: «You can not use in hypertension and kidney stone disease», it is still no cure. If in doubt, a person has to decide for himself to drink his coffee or not, and better after advice from your doctor or from a dietitian. However, in the latter case, you should be careful, because in this area now operates a lot of non-professional nutritionists, charlatans, giving advice on the level of tear-off calendar.

In addition to coffee and tea, there are many beverages containing caffeine, which are not tonic. Tonic — is one in which the caffeine concentration of not less than 150 mg per liter. And if less caffeine, it’s just a drink, where coffee plays a role more of a flavoring ingredient, which imparts the characteristic bitterness of the drink. For example, Coca-Cola, Pepsi-Cola, «Baikal» — this is not the tonic beverages, the caffeine concentration in them is less than 100 milligrams per liter. It’s just a soft drink, and they have expressed contraindications (in regard to caffeine — Ed…).

There are energy drinks such as Red Bull and Adrenaline Rush, in which the dose of caffeine for about 300-320 mg per liter. Therefore, they are available in quantities such that in one jar were no more than half pharmacopeia single dose — no more than 150 mg. We have strictly regulated the composition and volume of these drinks. Therefore, our guests in 2007 in the low-alcohol and non-alcoholic tonics tonics have to limit the scope.

Due to the fact that periodically arise initiative to ban energy drinks on the basis that there is supposedly a lot of caffeine, the National Foundation for Protection of Consumer Rights, and FIZ VTsIOM food and biotechnology conducted a large study of the total consumption of caffeine population from all sources. As a result, we found that the lion’s share of caffeine people get tea — 60% of the daily consumption of 30% — with coffee and 10% comes from the rest. And on poor energy drinks that are so concerned about our members, it accounts for only 1-2% of adults and 2-3% in adolescents. Well, the average consumption of energy drinks in the country is very low. Incidentally, it is interesting that in the espresso coffee shops Paul caffeine concentration was about 10 times higher than in the energy sector.

Another thing — alkogolesoderzhaschie caffeinated beverages. These attitudes of health professionals unequivocally negative. Caffeine has a tonic effect, and alcohol, on the contrary, relaxing. And the person who drinks alkogolesoderzhaschie tonic drinks with caffeine (and they can be up to 9% alcohol), less aware of his intoxication — with all the ensuing behavioral effects.

So far, not been established between the consumption of caffeinated beverages is no connection, and a penchant for alcohol and drugs. Our MPs are very fond of telling stories like «a few years ago I saw in a disco in Sverdlovsk girl drank and died.» What, then, are not all dead? In addition, there is no addiction to caffeine. That is, there is no formation of dependence. People are used to the taste of coffee, it is different. And why decaffeinated coffee may come to those who have contraindications. He, incidentally, is more expensive than usual. It also has benefits: the same antioxidants — and other nutrients — saved well.

To preserve the beneficial properties of coffee, should be gentle roasting mode, it is not necessary to overcook. For example, in the amount of overcooked beans trigonelline greatly reduced. Now therefore often combined with green coffee roasted. And this combination of useful, important — know when to stop. «

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