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[:RU]Weekend route. bayou[:]

[:RU]Day trip, this time the main goal was the ancient city of Staritsa, standing on the banks of the Volga River in Tver region. Route: Moscow — Volokolamsk — Yaropolets — Lotoshino — Elder — Moscow. The total mileage of 450 kilometers per day.

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Photo 2. Volokolamsk passed without stopping, and stopped to look Yaropolets aristocratic estate on the banks of the river Lama, which at one time belonged to Goncharov, including mother-Pushkin. The fame of the estate is associated mainly with the name of Pushkin, who visited her twice:

Photo 3. The appearance of the main house is well preserved:

Photo 4. As we stopped to look at Russia’s first hydroelectric power station, which has worked without interruption from 1918 to 1941, when it was blown up, the Germans under attack.
For some strange reason, I do not have photos of the dam, only power plant building:

Photo 5. Approximately half way between Lotoshino and old women in the village Guryev Resurrection, take on the road is the beautiful church of St. Nicholas built in 1874:

Photo 6.

Photo 7. We arrived in Staritsa, a city founded in 1297 Prince of Tver Mikhail Yaroslavich as a fortress on the Staritsa River and there is very beautiful.
On one side of the «old» part of the city, which the state is poor, on the other a lot of restored and looks good. By the number of churches in the city reminiscent of Suzdal, but not so well maintained and without tourists.
The best view of the city on the left bank of the Volga, if the climb to the shaft of the ancient city:

Photo 8. The arch bridge across the Volga appeared in 1963. Previously, citizens used a pontoon crossing the walls of Holy Dormition Monastery:

Photo 9. At the site of the ancient city is the Cathedral of Boris and Gleb in 1827 built. Amazingly beautiful temple, which is in fact an architectural dominant of the city is currently abandoned:

Photo 10. As opposed to complete it, on the other side is the Holy Dormition Monastery.
Founded in the first half of the XVI century by Prince Andrei Ivanovich Staritsa. Since 1559 the monastery rules Archimandrite Job, born in Staritsa. In 1571 he was sent by the rector of the Moscow Simonov monastery, and later became the first Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia.
Now the 900-year-old monastery completely renovated, the area is very well maintained.

Photo 11. Unfortunately, nothing I have not shot a decent on the territory of the monastery, the occasion will be back here in the summer and explore the local beauty closely.

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