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[:RU]One day on the edge of hell.[:]

[:RU]Today, we’ll tell you about my day November 3, 2015, when we went to the Ethiopian volcano Erta Ale, squirted in all directions incandescent lava from its persistent bubbling lava lake.

terraoko-201602141 (5)


We wake up in our mnogozvezdochnom hotel. After all, the night you can admire the stars!

Someone else is asleep.

Suite rooms at all not enough.

The free morning!

You can go to the shower who is not terrible.


We go down to the lake to swim. Morning, but hot. A temperature in the lake about 40 degrees. A refreshing dip is not obtained.

8:00. Now we have a long way to the foot of the volcano Erta Ale. We have breakfast in a local cafe. Given to local children to learn the camera down.

Here’s what happened:

Our gidsha:


We stopped at Dallol volcano. Day 45 here. Very hot, but very beautiful.

13:00 We stopped at Lake Assal.

14:00. We stopped for lunch in a local village. My Shark Julia popular.


We go to the volcano. First cross the desert. The desert is a pretty green and even animals across.


Next is solid lava fields.

17:00 We got to camp at the foot of the volcano Erta Ale.

Rest, pack camels. At sunset we go up.


The first went to the soldiers protection. Near the border with Eritrea. There were a few unpleasant incidents with tourists. Therefore, security is required.

19:00. It was dark. Come on up. Fortunately risen full moon and lights our way.


Soon we saw the glow of the volcano. We were there!


The nearer we approached, the brighter the glow was.


And here we are at the edge of the outer crater. A small break before the decisive jerk.

23:00. We go down into the crater. Another 10 minutes and we’re right on the edge of the lake. It is simply beyond words! Photos do not show how it’s cool!


The lava boils, explodes, spills over the edge! Standing on the edge is almost impossible — it’s hot!

But if you hide behind the camera, it is tolerated.


Raised quadrocopter. They took off the top.


They returned to the top of the crater. We need to get some sleep. Before dawn again to the lava lake!

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