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[:RU]The largest spa complex in Europe[:]

[:RU]Balneological capital of Europe is undoubtedly Budapest, Hungary and the whole boasts an incredible variety of different baths to suit every taste and budget. That is exactly where to go to improve their health and to fully enjoy the sanatorium rest in its classical expression — then you and all kinds of swimming pools, saunas, therapeutic and drinking thicker than water.

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We were not in Budapest with the aim of improving, as a purely tourist, but to combine business with pleasure succeeded in the local baths — Szechenyi and Gellert. Visiting the past, I did not take a camera, but in the Széchenyi managed to shoot a little bit about them, today’s post.

It is the most famous bathing on the territory of Hungary Varosliget Park, next to the Budapest Zoo, at Állatkerti krt. 11. Do not get confused if you go by subway (M1 line), will need to go to the station of the same name — «Szechenyi Baths» (in Hungarian — Széchenyi fürdő).


Solid HLS — and the bath with cool water, a fitness center and the only just, and that’s parking city bikes.


And from the outside and inside of continuous positive, everything is yellowish, krasivenkoe.




We visited the Szechenyi in its last day of the trip, the day was overcast, gray weather, all the time broke the rain to walk did not want to on the street, so we decided to brighten up the day baths.



Szechenyi baths are open from 6 am to 10 pm (outdoor pools), indoor thermal pool and steam rooms are closed at 19:00, potable source is available until 17:00. Entrance fee HUF 4400-5400 (1200 -. 1500 rubles), the cost depends on the day of the week, time of visit, you take a booth or cabinet. For more information about prices and all of baths can be found on their official website. Well, we made a couple of shots, and soon fled to swim!



Nakupalis, happy, full of energy. Here exactly is appropriate to say: «Enjoy Your Bath») Inside the territory, I did not remove, uncomfortable somehow been too many half-naked people did not want to embarrass them)). Therefore photos only outdoor pool.


Located in the territory can be an unlimited amount of time, even all day. We were there somewhere between 16:00 and 19:00. I really wanted to capture the moment when the backlight turn on! We waited for her)


The complex has 15 indoor pools, 3 outdoor (water temperature in different pools from 18C to 40C), 10 saunas and steam rooms. I was a little lover of saunas, but here was filled and I can say that, even loved, especially liked aromasauny, it’s just bliss! This, incidentally, is the only swimming pool in which you need to be sure to wear a hat in the other, you can do without headgear. But do not forget to bring a towel, slippers and a swimming cap. All this can be purchased here, but why pay more?



The fame of this place began with 1868. When under the leadership of the famous engineer Vilmos Zsigmondy drilling began on the territory of the City Park. In 1881. «Artesian bath» — the first in Pest swimming pool was built. But the building was too small, it could not accept all comers enjoy found a source, so began a new construction, as a result in 1913. a new therapeutic Széchenyi thermal bath in the Neo-Baroque style. Her many times rebuilt and extended in 1927. here built the pool to the beach, and in the 60s made it suitable for use in winter. Not so long ago the building has taken initial appearance.


This is the most fun pool: there are various massage jets, fountains, and the most important «feature» is here this circular corridor with a rapid current, when it is included, it is very funny, the water carries you around, everyone is happy, and become children, but quite strangers seem like a good friends)).


Now the pool provides a water source St. Stephen, drilled in 1938. Therapeutic water rises from a depth of 1256m., At a temperature of 77c. This, incidentally, is the hottest spring in Europe!


The indications to visit these baths in addition to the pleasure and curiosity are: chronic diseases of joints and spine, rehabilitation after orthopedic operations and accidents, back pain, chronic inflammation of the joints in the inactive stage, neuralgia, lack of lime in the skeletal system, and others.


Absolutely can not attend these and all other baths to people with cancer and infectious diseases.


Architecture, of course, just amazing! And this, too, has a revitalizing effect, and simply improves mood. It is one thing to swim in ordinary pools, and quite another — in this beauty with history.


The only thing that confused — it’s sanitary component. Still, every day through these baths are hundreds of people have to bathe together with people of different nationalities, aged in the same pool (sometimes very small sizes), body type, and so on. Passing showers, we saw not closing the door, a man engaged in self-satisfaction. A drifting hair — does not rare. As far as I know, some pools, the chlorination fails to keep all the minerals. All this causes brezglivost..No most interesting is that we have covered the wave of concern only after the visit, it was cool at the time of it! Thank God, bathing it turned completely safe for us).


In general, if you remove all the prejudices, I visit the Széchenyi baths liked it! But if we compare with Gellert, I think I still choose Gellert — they are more qualitative look whether that architecture I liked it more, but Szechenyi larger, more varieties of saunas, pools. And best of all to visit and they both are!) If we were in Budapest for longer, I would have some bathing tried.

Liked? I need your opinion on how I’m doing and what I write. Your comment is — the best evaluation of my work. Let’s talk more![:]

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  1. Chao:

    A good review causes nostalgia. I also rested there a few years ago, amazing memories remained from evening visits when the pool illumination turn on and when you lie in the water, look at the starry sky, and the water jets massage your body.

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