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[:RU]As in Belarus make lipstick and other cosmetics.[:]

[:RU]Despite the fact that since the Soviet era in the head sitting «best cosmetics — French» in Belarus are successfully operating several companies for the production of decorative cosmetics. Unfortunately, in the full sense of national pride it can not be called: 99% of it is made ​​of imported components, packed in imported from overseas packaging, which often — foreign names. But if we ignore the principle, and then we can praise: in the face of fierce competition from Belarusian manufacturers obtain to reach buyers and sell them your product.
Let us go now to the new plant the largest producer of color cosmetics in Belarus.

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The company now produces BelorDesign in Radoshkovichi. It opened with a scratch-built plant, and now makes no sense to close in Minsk. The company has existed for over 20 years. Now in production it employs around 120 people.

Especially for harsh men: cosmetics — this decoration (lipsticks, glosses, mascara and so on). That is a moisturizer for the face — it is another, and for the same person blush — that it is decorative cosmetics.

As mentioned above, the Belarusian cosmetics now looks like a high-quality assembly production. As such, schools are no experts. This is indicated by the producers themselves, who send their technicians to study abroad. But carefully choose / mix / cook import components of our learned. At least in one of the largest country in the world the Belarusian cosmetics is very loved and respected -. As usual for «natural»
working engineer-designer Maria Lipinskaya Among laboratory. Master profession Mary was due to their efforts and the support of the employer. School training developers in the country, again, no.

Mary table piled dozens of kinds of bottles and flasks — lab in the full sense of the word. Before our eyes, the expert has prepared a unique and so far only (improvisation) in the country, color eyeliner called eyeliner. At the heart of the water, thickener, caring elements — is the base. The base added nacre — tinted mica. In order to make any color, combinations of four sufficiently nacre.

In the laboratory, in the manual mode and are born in small portions and the other cosmetic products.
After the approval of the product is launched into production. At the heart of hundreds of species of decorative cosmetics ingredients from different countries. Belarus has purchased only castor oil, glycerin, and a matter of types of other components. The rest does not pass the quality criteria, says production manager Eugene Skripchik.

From warehouse desired prescription ingredients go into further production in different ways. So, for example, made the shadows.

All components are put into the pot in correct proportions, are thoroughly mixed with binders, fragrances and go on pressing.

These bags ready batch of shadows, blush, powder.

There batch shadows pressed into small inserts. These small shaybochki later be assembled into a set of several shades of shadows. The operator ensures that the molds were filled with powder, evens level «under the knife» and press down.

Pressed shadow should withstand a drop from a height of 20 cm, if there are chips, cracks or there is loss of form — marriage.

There is a press machine further, which makes larger products. I honestly do not understand why seemingly huge news at the same time to cope with all four portions of powder. They say it takes a very big effort, so the machine size is justified.

Other components come in the cooking compartment. Cook the same shadows, eyeliner, mascara and of course lipstick. Lipstick is generally considered one of the most complex products. Brewed it for about three hours in huge cauldrons. At the heart of lipstick — pre-cooked bulk.

«Balk — the basis of any lipstick. Roughly speaking, this lipstick prior to the addition of dyes and fragrances, — explains Eugene Skripchik. — It is composed of vegetable oils, beeswax and dozens of components. »
Balk cut into pieces and melted. Later he added dyes, pearl, perfume.

All poured into the pot, stir, heated, and so on. «This is not a soup cook» — laughing director of operations. The longest brewed ink — about nine hours.

Ready lipstick in a heated state is thick, but liquid consistency, so drained through a pipe into a bucket. There it cools, hardens and turns waiting on line packaging.

In the bucket, about two or three rules of the volume of lipstick, which, according to popular belief, eating a man for life.

The most populous of the plant premises — packing plant. Here all semi-finished products are transformed into a beautiful finished product. At different lines at the same time preparing a different range.

Here is our lipstick. It is again heated to 60-80 degrees and is ready to be filled matrix. Within each of the matrix — the cavity of the rod lipstick. Lipstick for a couple of seconds and fills them on a conveyor belt traveling in the tunnel to cool the fridge.

Thereafter the rod is shot by compressed air into the pre-prepared series of caps. The length of the lipstick is the same, but the opening of the cap level is different, so different turns and the height of the product.

Then lipstick comes under a hot air stream (this decor for shine), and passes control to the human eye, which with the help of a magnifying glass looking at lipstick cracks, chips, scratches.

Penalchik twists automatically. It is necessary to close the cap and stick sticker. On a compact decorative cosmetics large stickers with the sea of ​​information (a little more — and from all sides protected by the Belarusian buyer will be looking for a product name on the packaging, among other information) look bad. But that’s the law.

A separate package for the same lipstick BelorDesign does: more packaging looks good, but is strongly influenced by the price, why the buyer turns away in search of another product.

Mascara is packed automatically and manually (too wide range for automation). The thick product inside the container is under pressure. Under the cover we did not dare to look, but the popular look tonalnik Party could not resist: I wonder how many beauties you can get with the help of such a volume of cream?

After looking at all possible, is to add a few words about loyalty. The manufacturer recognizes that our brands continue to grow and grow: Belarusian cosmetics mainly used by young and already quite adults, as well as those who choose the product at a low price. Once the buyer appears prosperity, he immediately goes to well-known brands.

And how do you feel about the Belarusian and Russian decorative cosmetics? Believe me, that for little money you can get the same quality that under well-known brands will cost 5-10 times more expensive?

Liked? I need your opinion on how I’m doing and what I write. Your comment is — the best evaluation of my work. Let’s talk more![:]

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