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[:RU]How to make pita bread in the tandoor[:]

[:RU]Outside Akirtava, near Sukhum quay, very strong smell of fresh pastries. To the ordinary apartment house, in the ground floor which had a small bakery, and then people come and buy fresh pita bread. Unlike a factory or a loaf of bread bricks, baked pita bread constantly, from morning to evening, in small portions: so that everyone had enough and did not have time to cool down.

In the manufacture of bread is not surprising or secret, technology reconciled centuries. But I could not deny myself the pleasure to be asked to look at the process of the birth of national Caucasian bread.

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1. — Hello! For you can be? Shoot, how do you make pita?
— Of course you can, come on.

No unnecessary questions, Nyack hint of malevolence, Abkhaz hospitality starts from the very first seconds of acquaintance. The home team will ask the bakery, where I’ll be there somewhere to upload photos, but that’s when we’ll drink coffee.

2. Appetizing bun made from ordinary flour: from the same housewives bake pancakes. But this secret is, where it is bread.

3. So, take 700 grams of flour.

4. Lepim form dough that resembles a large round loaf or cake.

5. Then we place this Bun on a round wooden plate, and abruptly it clings onto a hot stove wall imbedded in the floor.

6. As you have no house big stove, similar to the well? Then pita you will not …

7. Koloboks easily cling to the interior walls, and more about them can be for some time to forget. Stove capped, and four minutes …

8. Pita ready. Cleave his hands, but did not remove the work — hot. We need to take two sticks, the tip of a spear remind, and another rake.

9. Rake adhere to the bread, not to fall, roll itself strung on a spear — all pita at large, it is possible to eat :)

Process is simple, as you can see. But I hope it was interesting, and most importantly — yummy!

Liked? I need your opinion on how I’m doing and what I write. Your comment is — the best evaluation of my work. Let’s talk more![:]

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