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[:RU]How to build wooden ships[:]

[:RU]The yacht port «Hercules» is a shipyard where implemented an ambitious project for the construction from scratch (you can tell by the historical reconstruction), one of the greatest ships in the history of the Russian Navy , «Poltava» . On the tour could come here, anyone, the cost of 300 rubles for adults and 200 for children, but if you come with your family, then the total cost will be 500 for everyone.

Project «Poltava» difficult, at least from the fact that the availability of detailed documentation, complete with drawings or images in color, did not survive. Surveys conducted in the archives so far. In 2013, the vessel was made ​​by the theoretical model, on the basis of similar ships.

It is planned that «Poltava» will be the scientific, cultural, research and educational center for the study of maritime history of the city and the country. But now the shipyard allowed daily excursion groups, where everyone can appreciate the work of re-enactors (among them many historians and philosophers, and not just the carpenters) and feel the power of the ship is still under construction. A skeleton that is in dry dock — is huge. It barely fit into the lens, so even had to make a panorama.

At the entrance we were met by a complex plan — all can learn where things are.

First, go to the house of the master of the ship, where we wait for the guide, and at the same time warming ourselves because the street is not the month of May, and everything is quite cold.
It will certainly be interesting to children — they can take part in masterclasses by lithography, sewing sails and manufacturing of thematic souvenirs.

Our guide Oksana conducts a preliminary briefing — children take the hand, all walking only a guide, not fight, do not disperse, heavy and seemingly sturdy piece of wood does not get up.

«Poltava» is built from oak trees, and the trees of a certain thickness and curvature are searched almost throughout Russia. For the construction of the trees are 100-200 years of age, but, as we have said, rather than one felled oak, planted 4 new.

At the entrance to a huge hangar — a reminder of how to tie different knots.

And here is the first sight of the entrance to the bare skeleton of the future of the ship. The first impression — wow, impressive dimensions. Second — what a wonderful smell of wood there is. Third — how then wildly cold! Yes, since we were there on a day when the master is not working, heating off. Therefore, looking ahead to say, despite the fact that everyone was happy and impressed, shivering wildly.

It is said here is not allowed tourist groups. We were also allowed to climb inside. There was a feeling like you’re inside a big fish, and see its skeleton.
The construction of «Poltava», by the way, will be spent in 1800 oaks.

We note with interest looked at all sorts of interesting little details. Here, for example, the strange «Baksova thing.»

Drawing present, it is necessary to believe.

And this is a special place on the floor where is drawn the correct part.
Actually, the piece is hanging from the top.

I wonder what this master it?

The story about the master Kuzma even touching. He then asks gently touch the item, because he worked on it for several days.


We go up to the balcony dock. Here the walls are hung with posters of historical facts.
For example, two absolutely different kinds and colors of poop «Poltava». Do you like some more? I little blue. Although historians are more inclined to the version on the right.

Full view of the outside of the ship there is only black and white engraving Pikart 1717.

Here photos of interesting historical documents, which can be a long time to look at, if it were not so cold.

But such figures were obtained, after several years of research.

Medvedik Kuzma decided to close up selfie together with pink_mathilda on the background of the future of the ship-museum.

We still had to go out and finally freeze to make a volley of cannon. View beautiful here.

Zde is a monument to the ship’s bell. And you see a squirrel? And it is.

And so?
What I thought the artist, placing the protein in the ship’s bell, apparently, only he knows. Maybe it is the muse?

Solid guns. At first they were cast at the Kirov plant, but now the order moved to the Izhora Plants. Actually, the entire cannon casting technology to invent anew — in the XXI century — cast cannons still unique occupation.

And then we finally went in the heat! :)It’s masts, yards, topmasts, bombranstengi and have a lot of stored sorts of other bad names. For me it was the discovery that they are not made ​​entirely of pine trees, and collected the pieces with an inner hollow space. It turns out that the usual physics — break «pipe» is much more complex than just a stick. A top — plug.

One floor above are sewn sails, but we were not allowed, because too dangerous :)Sail laid there on the floor, and they can be very easily damaged.

Incidentally, in the sailboat do not plan to put the engine to the ship was as close as possible to the realities of the XVIII century. But then I do not quite understand how it will float on the Neva River at night Scarlet Sails — there are plans that the Swedish sailboat replaced by patriotic «Poltava».

Liked? I need your opinion on how I’m doing and what I write. Your comment is — the best evaluation of my work. Let’s talk more![:]

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