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[:RU]How to build a cottage industry of weapons in Afghanistan.[:]

[:RU]Between Pakistan and Afghanistan, there is an important trade route — the Khyber Pass. Even during the war with England settled there gunsmiths, repair and copying the British captured weapons. And during the war with the Soviet Union and the United States armory subculture strengthened. Entire family clans specialize in «mass production» of pistols, rifles, carbines. In the 1980s there mastered the craft production of Kalashnikov assault rifles. Anything goes — from old cars to the railroad tracks. There are also rare karamultuki and Enfield rifles. There are also custom models, collected under the popular cartridges. Some artists even put its stamp. Soviet Kalashnikovs go for $ 500, cheaper than the Chinese, and the model of its own production can be purchased for $ 100-150. The price of guns starting from $ 65. On the streets often heard shooting — buyers check the goods purchased.

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