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[:RU]As manufactured pipes[:]

[:RU]I also wanted to not only the consumer experience, but also a master. And since tobacco planting late, I decided to The beaten tube.

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I ordered in Petersburg store a couple of pieces and a pair of mouthpieces. There was a problem: the store does not match the range of the warehouse, my greenish mouthpieces was not found. Delivery was through a Moscow store, plus my boss took the goods, and I was three hundred kilometers … But as a result of cigarette holders have arrived and have been selected (from a half dozen provided) is very pleasant.

Further difficulties were purely technical — it is necessary to understand how to make a pipe. Well, for me, after four years of pottery and a half years of woodcarving and twenty-five years of careful observation of the way the world works, this is a question of the day, the other experiments.

And so it came to me to become a pipe.

Porting performed.

Unsuccessful experiment — sharpener wood burns, but it almost did not cut away.

After I ohrenel a winepress, I took the pelt. I turned it into a flexible file. And I felt a thrill of a properly sized instrument …

Almost done. 240-I skin is also not ideal. I want 360 or 440.

The tube during waxing. The technology is — Gray in the oven, then dunks in the melted wax. It looks like this. Then Gray in an open gas flame (it prevents soot) and rub the wax cotton rag.

It turns out 😉And I still have to do the second …

… But first I have this stoned!

Harvesting opilivaem for ideas. It is necessary to file the freer half a centimeter, not as I do. Paint not only the contour but also stocks.

Then, the workpiece is subjected to cup and channel porting. Bowl drilled 18.5 mm drill and chisel sandpaper to 22 mm, otherwise the walls are uneven, the channel — 4-5 mm.

Under 18.5 mm drill chuck is not found, I drill 10 mm and reams manually.

Sawn briar very hard, almost like beech, just does not crack …

The preform is already possible to smoke. Now all the work of a cosmetic exercise.

Under the guise of his wife was cooked briar ring with two 16-carat nails.

Almost done, right?

The first, unsuccessful attempt fuming tube. I forgot to dilute the stain.

And it results — uzhosnah :)abraded heavily and peremoril.

Final product.

We do everything in a simple, no need to fear. Briard — the same tree. Opilivaem workpiece by his thoughts that at first draw on the workpiece.
Take Drach (file on wood), and molding the preform 3-4 mm short of the desired size. Take a sheet of sandpaper 40-ki, curl up into a tube and use this soft file to give the final shape of the tube. No need to hurry! Then grind 160 and 240 Coy-Coy. I want 400-ku, and it is not until the end of sand. We have to work the other side of the skins.

Next on morim request. Like domestic organorastvorёnnaya stain — it simply dilute 1:10 649 or similar solvent and paint, dries quickly, about 10 minutes before the next layer, about an hour before waxing.

Tip: If wet pipe, it will be seen how it will look waxed. It will darken!
Voschim. Take beeswax, melt in a bowl semi-circular. Along the way, our Gray tube in the oven — it will be better absorbed. Preparing for light burns the fingers, however, there are only 80 degrees dip our pipe on all sides, give cool.
Now quickly warm up the tube piece by piece on a gas flame and rub wax cotton cloth.

Liked? I need your opinion on how I’m doing and what I write. Your comment — best estimate of my work. Let’s talk more![:]

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